Amber Portwood Mug Shots: Hey, Wake Up!

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Amber Portwood is really leaving her mark in our celebrity mug shots gallery.

After the Teen Mom train wreck was jailed for lying about a medical condition to get out of a mandated drug court appearance, she posed for the police cameras once again ... whether she remembers this is a different story.

See below:

New Amber Portwood Mugshot
New Amber Portwood Mug Shot

In her latest booking photos, Amber can be seen either blinking or looking very tired / strung out. Maybe she just can't bear to look at her life slipping away.

Amber appears on the brink of some serious punishment if the accusations of lying to the court turn out to be true. Either way, she's in pretty bad shape.

Amber told local officials she couldn't show up for her drug test as she was on doctor-ordered bed rest following gall bladder surgery for 2-3 weeks.

A good excuse ... only officials called her bluff and her doctor said no such thing had been ordered. She also pulled a drug-test no show in March.

Hope the food is okay in jail. She could be there awhile.


She look sick...ewwwww


I have only watched this show a few times, this Amber, I can't even call her a real "MOTHER". Her attitude, the screaming, the violence, she let's new guys she just met take her little baby girl into a bedroom and change her, I had so much respect for the Father, the day he found out the guy was changing his little girl, he flipped on her and I totally agreed with the Dad. Not to many guys volunteer to change poopy smelly diapers of a baby of a girl he just met??????? Even if it doesn't seem strange to some people, I'm sorry not on my watch friend. Thanks for offering guy, but I will get off of this cell phone that is glued to my ear and get off my fat ass and change my baby's diaper is what she should of done. Duh!!!Someone please take this darling little baby away from her right now until she is totally clean for at least one year. She can't be trusted. Sorry Amber, Baby comes first.


Poor Amber the poor girl has been on drugs for so long, she is just a lost soul. At this point no one can help Amber;when she is ready to give up drugs, she will. Amber needs to see a psychiatrist and get some legal drugs to help her get off the dangerous stuff. I honestly believe that Gary tried to help Amber, but she has to be willing to help herself. You can tell that Amber has a serious drug problem; her daughter is so beautiful and sweet and Amber is choosing drugs over her child. I hope for the best in regards to this family; Amber is lucky that the child's father and grandmother both love her dearly.


She looks dead in the first one, ewwwwww scary!

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