Alanis Morissette May Breastfeed Son Until Age 6

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You oughta know ... that Alanis Morissette takes her breastfeeding seriously. Like really seriously. She said in an interview that she may continue it for Ever.

Ever being her 17-month-old son, natch.

"I'll stop whenever he wants," the singer said on Good Morning America Thursday in regards to the controversial, popular trend of attachment parenting.

"I know some children who have weaned naturally at two years, some kids wean naturally a couple of years later; I mean, it's up to every child," she said.

Alanis Morissette, Mario Treadway

Alanis said if that means breastfeeding Ever when he's six, so be it.

Attachment parenting is an umbrella term used to describe nurturing techniques such as long-term breastfeeding, sleeping in the same bed as kids, etc.

The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik is another famous advocate for the philosophy, which was recently featured in a buzzed-about Time magazine cover story.

A group of breastfeeding military moms brought attention to the cause as well.

Alanis, whose husband is rapper Mario "Souleye" Treadway," said: "I consider it appropriate for this particular child and this particular family."

She added she's "in a privileged position, where [she] can afford the time and resources to support this kind lifestyle … that's not possible for a lot of families."


She said may. I too did attachment parenting and didn't care how long I breast fed for my daughter stopped when she was three because she was too busy doing other things. At that age it's used more for security, to feel safe. My son weened him self at two. It does not create perverts etc it creates very secure children. He is obviously not going to feed all day all night use your brains people. Look into before you bag it. I dont agree with bottles or formula but I'm not going to sit there an pick on every one who uses it. Each to there own


Pippy 81 Everyones. opinion may not match yours!You are stupid and ignorant and grow up!!! I agree with Listy mist!


Alanis is a pig and breast feeding until 6 is a disgusting idea because a child that age has no nutritional need for it:-( They can eat and drink to meet their nutritional needs!!! Breast feeding should be private!!! Not in public and infants only!!!


HEY listymist if that is an issue for you DON'T go out in public IT'S AS MUCH OF A MOTHER'S RIGHT TO BREASTFEED ANYWHERE NEEDED AS IT IS FOR YOU TO BREATH!!!
People like you are so judgemental & not needed YOU ARE A DISGUST TO HUMAN POPULATION!!!


these women are freaks


Alanis Morissette said that it's up to every child when to stop breastfeeding? But she also said that she's in a privileged position where she can afford the time and resources to support this kind lifestyle, that's not possible for a lot of families. So which is it? Up to the child or not possible due to the demands of daily life? I don't remember my mother giving me that option! How about the topic of whether breast feeding a kid until he's six is the right thing to do? We had a neighbor's kid who was literally the pervert of the block at six years old because his mother still breastfed him, so he thought every woman was fair game - I'm sure that he'll grow up to be a normal adult.


There is a fine line between attachment parenting and mothers who don't want to let go. Having a overly dependent kid is begging for problems. These children could very well be the ones who aren't independent enough to withstand bullying and do something drastic in the end because they weren't raised tough enough. Love and wisdom need to the passed down to these kids not just milk.


Are these women able to know when their kids need to be fed? Why can't they feed them at home? I don't want to be sitting down at a place that serves food,and have to look at a woman feeding her baby,with her breast hanging out. Do they get off by this public display? It should be personal and private.


Only 6? Shoot for middle school so the kids have some thing else to pick on him for besides his horrible name! I agree Corrina Corrina! Like sheep! Oh well its weird and off the wall so i MUST do it. Breastfeed forever? Sure! Horrible name? Absolutely! They complain they want their kids to have normal childhoods but yet they do things to make sure they get beat up on the playground!


Well, after all, the celebrity trend to adopt babies from Africa was getting now the new thing here is breast-feeding till they're playing soccer! You gotta love the Hollywood crowd--they are like lemmings over a cliff when it comes to bowing to what's trendy at the moment amongst their peers. This coming year, TV audiences will most likely see celebs on the red carpet with strapless designer gowns that have a special breastfeeding section that pops down for a quick feed for baby while posing for the paparazzi. And Joan Rivers telling us who wore their lactating gown the BEST! We'll probably be subjected to a reality TV show entitled, "Suckled Little Darlings" where the triumphs and tragedies of lactating celebs are showcased along with their little tykes posing adorably with Mother's milk dripping down their chins...Geez! What next?!?

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