Young Rangers Fan Loses Foul Ball to Adults, Cries; Yankees Announcer Trashes Clueless Couple

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There is currently no law that says you have to hand over a foul to a nearby toddler who was also reaching for it and cries as a result ... but come on, guys.

At the Rangers-Yankees game Wednesday night, a couple was so stoked to have caught one, they not only didn't give the thing up, they openly celebrated and preened for the cameras with the ball as the youngster bawled nearby:

This earned them a tongue-lashing from Yankee broadcaster Michael Kay, and landed the three-year-old and his parents on Good Morning America (above).

Luckily for our little buddy, the Rangers are giving him a ball signed by the ENTIRE TEAM. Class move by Texas and not a bad consolation prize for the kid.

Sean Leonard and Shannon Moore, on the other hand, have been castigated by the media - and want an apology from Kay, who led the charge.

"Oh my God they can't give it to the kid? They're actually like rubbing it in the kid's face. Very cold," Kay said of the pair, which disputed this account.

They told a Dallas television station that they had no idea the young boy next to them was crying or even upset over missing out on the baseball.

Leonard and Moore say they were simply caught up in the moment during the game and would've given the toddler the ball if they'd seen him.

They want an apology from the Yankees' play-by-play man for his remarks about them. Think they deserve it? Or should they sell their ball and buy a clue?


Gee..sounds like the unselfish peoples comments have touched a strong nerve of the intensely GREEDY PEOPLE who ALSO WOULD HAVE JUST KEPT MUGGING FOR THE MEDIA AND IGNORED THE TEARS AND SOBS OF A TODDLER.


Granted, the couple caught the ball. I cannot believe they sat next to a toddler,BALLING HIS EYES OUT AND APPREARS HEART-BROKEN, and never even offered the child the ball to make HIS DAY WONDERFUL...IT IS AFTERALL A CHILDS GAME! Shame and disgrace to the selfish hard-hearted GREEDY JERKS!


He is getting a signed ball they have the ball. Who cares!! Apology? Seriously who are acting like the toddlers now.


That couple should be ashamed of themselves and I'm hopin' later in life, the fact the whole team signed the ball for the boy.....THAT ball will be much more valuable than theirs! I don't think anybody needs to apologize to them for anything.


Sorry correction, a foul ball thrown into the stands.


C'mon. They HAD to know he was reaching for it and cried - very hard, and I'm sure very loudly -
when they got it. They were right next to the family and took pictures of themselves. Two adults
taking pictures of themselves for catching a ball thrown to the child in the stands. Really?


As a grandmother of 5 and mother of 4, I believe children need to learn about reality, EARN awards and prizes, and learn to accept defeat gracefully. It's called sportsmanship. The couple who caught the ball didn't rip it out of the child's hands, they caught it. Apologize to them.


I decided to ask my hubby and 15 year old son this question. We all agreed the couple had every right to keep the ball. Son said they got it fairly, didn't snatch from tot. Hubby said they paid for those seats and the announcer owes an apology. I feel for the toddler, but sometimes you don't get things in life. The announcer could have brought harm to the clueless couple.

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