Young Rangers Fan Loses Foul Ball to Adults, Cries; Yankees Announcer Trashes Clueless Couple

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There is currently no law that says you have to hand over a foul to a nearby toddler who was also reaching for it and cries as a result ... but come on, guys.

At the Rangers-Yankees game Wednesday night, a couple was so stoked to have caught one, they not only didn't give the thing up, they openly celebrated and preened for the cameras with the ball as the youngster bawled nearby:

This earned them a tongue-lashing from Yankee broadcaster Michael Kay, and landed the three-year-old and his parents on Good Morning America (above).

Luckily for our little buddy, the Rangers are giving him a ball signed by the ENTIRE TEAM. Class move by Texas and not a bad consolation prize for the kid.

Sean Leonard and Shannon Moore, on the other hand, have been castigated by the media - and want an apology from Kay, who led the charge.

"Oh my God they can't give it to the kid? They're actually like rubbing it in the kid's face. Very cold," Kay said of the pair, which disputed this account.

They told a Dallas television station that they had no idea the young boy next to them was crying or even upset over missing out on the baseball.

Leonard and Moore say they were simply caught up in the moment during the game and would've given the toddler the ball if they'd seen him.

They want an apology from the Yankees' play-by-play man for his remarks about them. Think they deserve it? Or should they sell their ball and buy a clue?


Shit, i wouldve kept the ball too! U know how rare it is to actually catch a foul ball @ a gm?? That 3 yr old wouldve probably played with it outside and forget that it is a momento piece lol only way id give my foul ball up is if it was a family member who came to the gm with me..otherwise, tough luck kiddo!!


It's their ball and the had every right to keep it and celebrate. Stupid cry baby. Life doesn't always go your way, and that's a lesson you're never too young to learn. Shame on that announcer.


Well I still don't think screaming, crying, tantrum-throwing children should be rewarded with what they want. How do we know the couple didn't have a child in mind THEY were going to give the ball to? I don't remember stuff when I was 3 (and have been told I was never rewarded for acting like a brat)........the kid'll probably forget it happened anyway and have tantrums over other things.


The people who caught the ball own the ball. They are under no obligation to give the ball to anyone, not even a crying child. Amazing to me there are so many people who want someone else to give their property to another person "for the greater good" - oh wait, that's the very essence of the progressive liberals and today's democrat party.


There are PLENTY of other opportunities for parents of toddlers to make them understand they don't always get what they want. This did not have to be one of them. It was not a desicion for the clueless couple to make that this would be one of those...9.9% out of 10 people would give it to the kid.,. Regardless of it being an opportunity for a " lesson" to be learned.I don't know for sure, but it seemed the player probably couldn't help but notice that cutie with his giant was more the likely intended for the toddler..still think the couple is stupid.


At first I thought maybe the couple should ha handed the ball over but after thinking on it, I'm not convinced a screaming toddler who probably cries over not getting something in the right color is good enough reason. We don't know anyone's situation, that ball coulda meant the world to that couple. I swear, we bow down to children these days. They don't know the meaning of 'losing'/failure or how to handle it because we never let them lose. A tantrum throwing child maybe needs to not get their way all the time. Win some, lose some!


The mom of this cute boy graciously explains how this couple was interacting with her son prior to the ball being tossed their way and they seemed liked nice people...Nice maybe, STUPID....absouluteley ! So the couple claims they were caught up in the moment when the ball was tossed their way, MAYBE? Didn't they have a clue during their pre-toss interactions.... he had a mitt and obviously had ambitions of catching a ball...Ignorant and selfish.


I'm sorry, but I agree with npper and texgal26. This couple was definitely caught up in the moment, and why should they give up what may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity, to a crying child. Children do have to learn that they don't always get what they's called life. Besides, what if they had a child waiting for them at home, or a nephew that they wanted to give that "special" ball to? I feel the Yankee broadcaster Michael Kay, should have acted like a professional. Unfortunately, he didn't! Let's get back to the basics and teach our children about the reality of life.


reward a spoiled, crying toddler with a signed ball; what kid doesn't cry when they don't get want they want. shame on the announcer who trashed the couple. they caught it fair & square. so now, every kid in a stadium should just cry so they can get a signed ball too. this is why this country is going to hell because of all the spoiled kids who grow up to be selfish adults.

Wv peach

The kid got a signed ball and appeared on national tv; can we move on now?

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