Wyclef Releases "Justice" Tribute to Trayvon Martin

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The controversial Trayvon Martin case has inspired protests, PSAs, debate, anger, prayer and vigils for the slain 17-year-old from coast to coast.

Now Wyclef Jean has penned his own musical tribute to Trayvon.

The Fugees musician teamed up with Prescribed and J. Williams to create a track titled "Justice (If You're 17)" in dedication to Martin. Listen:

Some lyrical excerpts from Wyclef's call for "Justice" include:

"If you're 17 / And you're wearing a hoodie / You're on the phone / Talking to your shorty / Make no mistake / There's one like you / In every city / You know the story."

"If you're 17 with a hoodie on / Watch out for the neighborhood watcher / If you're at the right neighborhood at the wrong time / Neighborhood watcher / This might be your last call to your girlfriend / The neighborhood watcher / Man I feel for you if you're 17."

This past week saw George Zimmerman charged with murder in the February 26 shooting of Martin, following more than a month of unrest.

Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Fla., claims he killed Martin in self-defense and that the teen was the aggressor.

Martin was unarmed at the time.

Zimmerman, 28, is in custody and expected to plead not guilty to second-degree murder charges in what is guaranteed to be a sensational trial.

Regardless of the outcome of the case, it will already go down as one of the year's most hotly-debated news stories in Florida and beyond.

In the wake of the tragedy, everyone from Spike Lee to the President of the United States, and now Wyclef, has been involved in it somehow.

Along with Jean's new track, the producers made a short called I Am which deals with not only the Trayvon Martin case, but racial profiling globally.

A music video for "Justice" is expected to be released April 20.


Blacks are always portrayed in the media as the worst people to ever live. Because that’s what the media wants the world to see us as. But in reality we are powerful people of whom built this country with our bear hands. Shedding blood, sweat and tears all on free labor; you will never hear or see the media speaking about that on the news. Here in America you will always here the bad before the good, negativity always brings money and attention. Question who have committed thee most hanus crimes ever reported here in America? Murdering innocent people; shooting up schools and blowing up building. Having sex with dead bodies it’s a crazy world and you’re probably living next door to one now. But you will never know until it happens, the media will never depict these psycho people. Guess who these people are? Hint, they took and destroyed every race except for their own…


@Livingstone: Lucky Dube - wow what a blast from the past. Theres a song that starts - "In my whole life - my whole life" and everytime my heart just swells. The man was freaking genius. Right up there with Bob Dylan for my money! He just transcends race and culture.


I watch the First 48 all the time and probably 95% of the shows are blacks killing blacks


All i heard Lucky dube sang was different colours one people, different colours one people.
When are we going to stop this racial fighting of a thing?
Wyclef can't just wait to hear the track.


A poet captures the mood of his reader, if the song is able to do that for his listeners then good for the singer. I wont be listening for this though. The last rap I listened to was by Mc Hammer and I know that makes me very uncool and thats ok by me.


of course wyclif released a song about trayvon. he's black! all black people must be part of this movement or you won't be accepted by your people. it's the black way. rather than wait for the facts of the case to come to light, let's just assume the hispanic guy is guilty. it is always amazing how black people are like ants - they all follow the other, never thinking for themselves. pathetic.


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I watch the first 48 everyday. Comes on 4 times during the day THAT I KNOW OF. The past few cases were of whites and hispanics killing teens! Infact whites killed a 14 and 17 Year old on the show yesterday. I'm so tired of the racism. White, black, hispanic, it is just a damn color. There are white thugs and black thugs. This idiot should go to jail for life, but not because of his race and Trayvon's race. The media made it sound like a race thing, which I believed, but now the real pictures and stuff came out and doesn't sound like the racism it did before.


Wyclif should watch First 48 once in awhile. You could watch the show for three weeks without seeing a Hispanic or white confessing to killing another fourteen to seventeen year old.

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