Willow Smith Goes Pink

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Willow Smith has changed her hair color once again.

The young, talented offspring of Will and Jada first went bald two months ago; she then dyed what little hair grew back a nice shade of green; and, over the weekend, Willow posed on the red carpet of The Kids Choice Awards with pink locks.

See for yourself:

Willow Smith Pink Hair

Are you down with the pink? How does it compare with the green? Vote now: What do you think of Willow's latets hair color?


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i had a dream that willow's hair was a rainbow color.


seriously no just no


Some of the comments on here shows just how pathetic some ppl can be. This is a child and ppl are saying these horrible things about her. Will and Jada need to find yall ass and slap the shit out u.


Beta kitten programming, oz programming and some lovely sex slave pink hair programming. Where are butterflies, I wonder???


first blonde next green then pink my color what is she going to have next rainbow.


crazy girl why you do that.


My heart goes out to her because it is evident she is suffering. This is why money and fame alone is not enough. It is my prayer that she will get help and this is not a train wreck we are all watching on the sidelines and know one know how to apply the brakes.


@lean, I'm not sure if we have an anti bullying day. I'm pretty sure the schools do a week long message. My thoughts are how far do you let your daughter push the envelope. I like individuality, but if that is dye on top of dye, very bad for her and her hair.


I don't know about the USA, but where I live in Canada this Wednesday is Anti-Bullying Day and we all wear pink to symbolize a stand against bullying. I think everyone needs to express their individuality, whether they are 11 or 71. My step-daughter is 11 and does her hair done differently...and yes...it is partially dyed but it expresses who she is, a unique and special girl and her four parents support this. Shame on those of you posting the mean comments...some of which are so harsh to be directed at any human being, let alone an innocent child. Some could say it is a form of bullying...not only these comments but this whole story. Vote if we "love" or "hate" Willow's hair. I hope she doesn't ever pay attention to this propoganda...it's hard enough to be a child in the world today, let alone somebody famous who society has a microscope on. Maybe everyone should think about wearing something pink...or dying your hair pink this Wednesday.


All i cay say is OH MY GOD! Yes it is just hair, she is a younge kid, let her do what she want to do as long as she is not going to do drugs.