William Levy on Dancing With the Stars: The Sexiest Man Alive!

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Just had William Levy the Mirror Ball now.

Okay, that is premature, with so many weeks to go on Dancing With the Stars. The Cuban soap star has already taken America by storm, though, and his salsa on last night's show made both the audience and the judges go wild.

Seriously. LEN was freaking out:

Levy and Katherine Jenkins may have been the least known DWTS cast members heading into the season, and also the two best dancers of the group.

William's skill was evident in the way he led Cheryl. Most of the other male contestants, even good ones like Jaleel White, are still guided by the pros.

The Cuban Brad Pitt, who ended up in sole possession of second place on last night's Dancing With the Stars scoreboard, will be very tough to beat.

Would you cast a vote for William and his good looks, smooth moves and compelling life story? Would you not? Tell us in the comments below ...


Excellent Willy


OMG !!! I just died and went to heaven. Not just his looks either. Cuban, hot, sexy, body, swaying hips, fantastic dancer, humble, sweet, takes control of his dance partner....I'm in love..ok ...lust.


he is so hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt of course he has my vote and i made sure all my family voted for him as well !!! Great job William!!!!


This guy is phenomenon. That is correct he was leading his professional partner, and got 48 votes from my whole family. Keep up your excellent presentation sweetie, your next stop should be Hollywood.


hi is the best he has my vote


William Levy is not just a wonderful man, he is also a good actor/dancer and a great person. He deserves all the good things that are happening to him right now. I know that a lot of people (haters) will try to bring him down, but that will not be possible, because he has the support of all of us. Im proud of you William keep up the good work, you are a good example, that when you work hard at the end you will get results. I LOVE YOU WILLIAM.


I love this guy. I voted for him like 30 times and I'm not kidding ;)


For your information Marlena William isnt married anymore he got a divorce and please vote for him and watch his soap opreas!!!


María, actually, his American dream has already come true. He is only the most popular soap opera actors in Latin America. His Mexican soap operas are bloody entertaining. Televisa, his Telenovela company, is based in Mexico City. Great work, William. Show them how we Latino people do it in the dance floor.


Of course, I called 11 times from my cell phone and another 11 times from my land phone.
He's such a hard working young man. He came from Cuba and worked hard doing any odd jobs..then he was "discovered" by fashion photographers, I believe, from there he's kept himself busy studying English and acting. I think he's a natural dancer!!!It's in the blood!!! He surely can move!! That handsome young man!!!
I hope that he wins! It would be such an honor for his humble family! We all need call and call and call. This guy deserves to have the "American Dream Come True"!!!

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