White House Correspondents Dinner: President Obama Mocks Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, Himself

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With political, media and entertainment A-listers in attendance, President Obama wasted no time bringing the laughs at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The annual event last night gave Obama a chance to lighten the mood in a heated election year, though presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney still a target.

“It’s nice to be here in the nice, vast Hilton ballroom. Or as Mitt Romney would call it, a fixer-upper,” Obama said of his rival, who is often labeled elitist.

“We both have degrees from Harvard," he said, noting that the politicians do have some things in common. "I have one, he has two ... what a snob!”

Obama got plenty of mileage out of the "dog wars" between the respective camps, running an entire fake ad from the WOOF-PAC in "support" of Mitt.

Nor could the president resist poking fun at another one-time "rival."

Referencing his address at the 2011 dinner, where he bashed Donald Trump repeatedly just hours before Osama bin Laden was killed, Obama said that one year ago, he had “finally delivered justice to one of the world’s most notorious individuals.”

A photo of Trump was prominently displayed in the background.

The president also joked about Sarah Palin, Joe Biden’s verbal gaffes and Hillary Clinton texting him drunk, but saved plenty of verbal barbs for himself.

Obama referenced his low poll numbers, the fact that he ate a dog as a child in Indonesia, and allegations that he wasn’t born in the U.S. (again).

He then rattled off a list of some of the shortcomings of his first three years in office and the "secret agenda" for the second term he's trying to win and much more to conclude the nearly 16-minute speech the "nerd prom."

A term, as he put it, coined by D.C. insiders who never went to an actual prom.

Funniest President ever? How do you think he did?


Yes, he is so funny he needs to quit his day job!


do you folks really find him funny, or just love him so much you hang on his every word?
God, what a stiff....like listening to the voice of a robot from a 1960's tv show.


give obama the keys.....he is going to win anyway... hurray
george bush and chaney should go fight in afghanistan.
make up for their dodging the military duties. and ----===
up the usa and most of the world


I see no humor in the GSA situation, or the Secret Service Situation, the war on terror or many of the other subjects made light of - yuck it up, Barack, big joke, don't concern yourself with what you do to the image of America or the gravitas of the Presidency.... haha, big joke, right?


I absolutely love my President and his great sense of humor!


Well said Shannon, now @Eric since you want to be rude, I'm having a bad day. I will guess you will remain childless with that viewpoint. Put down the lotion sweetheart or better yet put the lotion in the basket.......


He may have been funny at this affair, but what he is doing to our country is NOT funny.


@Eric You're a male chauvinist pig in disguise! It kills me how you bleeding heart liberals will weave the most ridiculous drivel to escape clear points made against your liberal agenda. I stated that birth control and abortion have been available to poor women in the past as well as now through govt. programs that have been in place for sometime now. And we taxpayers have paid for it. Yet you make nasty comments about my sex life which you are clueless about! Typical! You're like your Prez Obama You've no real argument against what I said so you make up rude comments as a smoke screen! I will say it again...women need to wake up! Obama and his policies have not been very women-friendly! Btw, I think you better be way more worried about all the tax dollars you'll be forced to pay for all of Obama's ever-increasing entitlement programs!


I'm glad that you likely didn't use any birth control and now I get to put my tax dollars towards your child tax credits. I really would rather people do the responsible thing and use contraceptives until they are in a stable position to have kids than to place additional burdens on the rest of society. Oh, and because I can see your rebuttal from here, I'm going to assume you're either celibate or have only had sex on a 1:1 ratio consistent with the number of children you have, and made sure not to claim them as dependents on your taxes being that you were fully prepared for the expnse of children. Why is it acceptable to subsidise people that choose to have children at significantly higher expense but not people that are trying to remain without child until they are ready?


Yes- Gas Prices will dip- phony numbers will appear and all the fools will line up to vote for " Bama"
and his lies. Then when he goes for round 2 he will jerk the rug out from under- 2 little- 2 late. Americans will believe anything.

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