Warren Buffett Reveals Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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Warren Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and one of the richest men in the world, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The 81-year old made the announcement yesterday in a statement that reads:

"I received my diagnosis last Wednesday. I then had a CAT scan and a bone scan on Thursday, followed by an MRI today."

"These tests showed no incidence of cancer elsewhere in my body. My doctors and I have decided on a two-month treatment of daily radiation to begin in mid-July. This regimen will restrict my travel during that period, but will not otherwise change my daily routine."

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Buffett says his energy level is ""100%," but he understands the fear of investors and has attempted to quell them by saying he's named a successor to his post.

He will alert them to this individual's identity if his health declines dramatically, but believes "that day is a long way off."

We wish the financial guru a full recovery and, in the meantime, the public can expect to hear his name brought up often throughout the 2012 President election, as Barack Obama is on the campaign trail right now, advocating for Congress to pass The Buffett Rule, which would increase tax rates on investments/millionaires.

We doubt Ted Nugent is in favor of it.

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@Allsaints45 Buffet is set to make gazillions due to Obama's decision to veto the Keystone pipeline. Buffet's railroad was to get to transport the oil to the west coast. Yeah, the political cronyism reeks with the Administration. Oh, and Obama's occasional comments about how America should utilize natural gas more...(though it never seems to take off) will benefit billionaire George Sorros because he has a natural gas company himself. Isn't it a wonder what the puppet can do for one's business IF you're on his side? The vast majority of business people are scared to death about what will happen if he gets a second term! Btw, his big buddy Buffet's in Federal litigation over his corporation that owes almost 1Billion in back taxes yet Warren think HE should pay more personal tax. Hypocrisy seems to be the undercurrent theme of this Administration!