Trayvon Martin Family Seeks Federal Investigation of Florida Prosecutors, George Zimmerman

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The lawyer for Trayvon Martin's family is filing a formal request with the Justice Department, asking whether Florida prosecutors were negligent in not charging George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who killed him.

The Martin family wants to know why the Florida state attorney Norm Wolfinger allegedly overruled police who wanted to arrest Zimmerman on February 26.

Wolfinger stepped down from the case last month. Angela Corey, Wofinger's replacement has been re-interviewing witnesses and examining evidence.

Trayvon Martin, 17

The case sparked questions nationwide about whether race played a role in the killing, during which Zimmerman insisted he shot Martin in self-defense.

Zimmerman has said he was jumped and threatened in a Sanford, Fla., gated community, and that the attack by Trayvon Martin left him in fear for his life.

Zimmerman's brother said medical records would in fact prove that this was an act of self-defense, even if the police video doesn't show any obvious injuries.

Martin's relatives, including his brother, do not accept that story.

"It's baffling how people just take his word for it as if that's exactly what happened and there's no question about it," Jahvaris Fulton told CBS affiliate WFOR.

A newly released emergency dispatch recording offers more details into the shooting.

The tape shows a second ambulance called to the scene of the shooting was called off, bringing the severity of Zimmerman's injuries into question.

"You can cancel second rescue. Second patient is not gunshot," the dispatcher said.

Martin's mother Sybrina Fulton said she's confident Zimmerman will end up behind bars: "I just truly believe that they're still investigating but things have leaked out and I believe he ultimately is going to be arrested very soon."

Protests over the shooting death of Martin have continued unabated for a month, and moved to Miami Sunday, with thousands called for an arrest.


Just remember people Zimmerman is innocent until PROVEN guilty. People are charged with offenses every day, but are NOT convicted. It ain't over till it's over!


Zionist, perhaps people of "your race" should not have sold their own people as slaves. Did you know that the first recorded owner of a black slave in the United States was a black man? Doubt it. Sorry, Trayvon (or NO_LIMIT_NIGGA as he called himself on Twitter). Guess if yu go to the zoo wearing a suit of red meat, don't whine if the bears eat your thug self.


This mess that you people post is why there calling it a racist act I bet all that have had something negative to say are WHITE... Go figure becasue anybody with common damn sense can see that this man knows that he did wrong and took this young mans life for no reason. Now its starting to come out and sooner or later he is going to let everyone know that he is "GUILTY" and the police that dealt with the situation that night are still under investigation about one of there own's (Sheriff's) son killed a young BLACK man I guess thats becasue he looked suspicious as well. Regardless to how you were raised, grew up or what you believe in, when you lash out and do things like GEORGE ZIMMERMAN this is the back lash you'll get because I would want someone killing my children because they look suspicious.. Its all coming to a head now and George is ready to get this heavy burden off his shoulder but how can he when damn near the whole world knows that this was a unnessary act of violence.


It does not matter if your Black or White why is this man not behind bars awaiting trial. I am white and I know for certain that if I carried a weapon down the street and I shot someone period. I would be arrested. In this case The man was killed. Come on Law enforcement what happened? You would arrest this 69 year old woman if I did it. This is going to bring MORE sorrow on this World. We can't handle it now. Our children will deal with this for years to come. Arrest George Zimmerman! What are you waiting for? WAR?


It is hard to imagine Zimmerman yelling "help" with a gun in his hand. If the gun weren't in his hand yet, it will be impossible for him to pull the trigger within a few second. If Martin became aggressive after he saw the gun while he was on top of Zimmerman, it will be very hard to Zimmerman to pull the gun out. Martin would have prevented Zimmerman from pulling the gun out with all his strength. If Martin failed to prevent this from happening due to Zimmerman's all mighty strength, it will be hard to explain Martin beat Zimmerman up the way as Zimmerman described.




(continuing from earlier) ... had a gun. Let us wait until the investigation is completed and all is sorted out to find out the truth of what happened. Let us not make this a racist issue. This tragedy could have occurred between two white men, two black men, two Asian men, etc., or a combination of any or more of these.


@hello: The police would not be "getting on with their job" if it were not for those "parades" as you call them. This case had been shut and the Martins family request to reopen it had been dismissed. It was only after Twitter blew up with this case and the celebrities and the media picked it up that the police started "getting on with their job". The family doesnt trust them to do their job right without the public scrutiny, and I agree.


Where's the evidence that Zimmerman is a racist? What's with the "parades" all of a sudden. If blacks wants equality they must respect the rule of law as white people should to. SO LET THE POLICE DO THEIR JOB. Forget the about the "stand your ground law", Zimmerman is not responsible for that.


It is time that the caucasian race endure what we have endured.