Tori Spelling to Jessica Simpson Weight Critics: Step Off!

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Tori Spelling has come to the defense of super-pregnant Jessica Simpson amid criticism of her weight, specifically The View's Joy Behar calling her fat.

In an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, 38-year-old Tori, who's expecting her fourth child, just five months after giving birth, said the following:

“When women are pregnant, other people need to lay off. It’s a really special time and you should be able to deal with it in your own terms.”

Tori Spelling Pregnancy Pic
Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Pic

On The View, Behar, 69, said: “Most women who are pregnant are not supposed to gain more than 25 pounds. She looks like she gained a lot more.”

Looking at Jessica Simpson nude on the cover of Elle, we would have to agree ... not that we're criticizing. Every pregnancy is different, Joy.

Tori encouraged Simpson, a judge on NBC’s Fashion Star, to maintain her fashionista style in the final few weeks of her first pregnancy.

“You just have to wear it proud and go with it,” the mom of three - Liam, 5, daughter Stella, 3-and-a-half and five-month-old Hattie - said.

“Every body is different. As far is weight, you never know what is going to happen. You can’t control what angle people are snapping you from.”

Words to live by for pregnant women stalked by paparazzi everywhere. Other words to live by? These awesome Jessica Simpson quotes.



I think the same. They arent sending a good mssgaee to young girls. Making rude comments because a celebrity isnt a size 2 anymore? i mean its 2009. some people need to grow up. I see nothing wrong with her new size.


Shut your pie hole you orca whale, it's rough enough for a woman going through pregnancy without some dillhole making rude comments. Remember, one of your rights is the right to remain silent, If you exersize that enough, maybe you won't be so fat!|


Even at her biggest, Jessica is a million times more beautiful than Joy could ever hope to be.


That is frighteningly WRONG information for a show with such significant influence with women. Almost every pregnant woman should gain AT LEAST 25 lbs. over the course of a pregnancy - usually more, not less. The idea that she would imply to pregnant women all over the country that they should be minimizing their weight gain does not bode well for the health of babies and mamas.


thats just how some women are! I have heard so many females dwn pg women all the time. Its like they are so happy and excited when another woman gains weight so they can feel good about themselves. Its pathetic!


Sorry tori needs to give dean a bone he's like a dog in heat dust even let her stitches heal I'm surprised my horses uterus doesn't explode.� sorry they don't she a cute family tori is butt ugly


i totally agree! that is horrible that someone can judge her! everyone's bodies are different and some women gain hardley any weight at all and us other women gain way more then others! back off! She looks good no matter what! And I'm sure that she will look great after she has the baby


Why does she even care what someone else gained?! People are so F%$&^! critical of everyone else! If it isn't your life being affected then stay out of it.


Agreed! Its the one time where you dont have to worry about everything that you eat. I gained 25lbs with my 1st child and 35 with my 2nd. Each baby is different, each woman is different. Yes 25lbs is normal, its also about the least you should gain. Most woman gain more. She looks great. Go focus on some of those anorexic models who need to eat a cheeseburger. Or 5 cheeseburgers. Jessica is always picked on for her weight, this especially should be a time shes exempt!

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