The Voice Results: Gut-Wrenching Calls!

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After Monday's instant elimination shocker, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton were forced to cut another team member each last night on The Voice.

On Team Christina, Chris Mann earned the most votes, earning a spot in the final eight and leaving Ashley De La Rosa and Lindsey Pavao to sing for Xtina.

Ashley performed "You & I," while Lindsey tackled "Please Don't Go." It was agonizing, but Aguilera picked Lindsey to advance, sending Ashley packing.

"I really love these two girls a lot. I really believe in you," the "Fighter" singer said before making her decision. "You both are complete superstars."

On Team Blake, Jermaine Paul moved on via America's votes.

That left Erin Willet to sing "Proud Mary" and RaeLynn to perform "If I Die Young." in hopes of winning Shelton's favor, and it appeared both won him over.

Sadly, he couldn't take both along to the final eight.

"I love both of you and we have a bond for different reasons," the country star said, visibly unsettled. "This is way rougher than I thought it would be ... "

As the credits rolled, host Carson Daly practically begged Shelton to make a decision, and only then did he save Erin, sending RaeLynn home in tears.

Next week, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green's teams face off in what's sure to be another couple of difficult nights for the judges and contestants alike.

Did Christina and Blake make the right choices? Which of the singers who actually survived do you think stands the better chance of winning it all?

Sound off on The Voice in the comments below!


It is very clear from the time she eliminated Lee, Christina favors Lindsey. To be quite frank, Lindsey is not strong in vocals and is probably the weakest singer on the show. She could barely sing with Christina Aguilera and the rest of the team in the opening performance. She didn't do Kurt Cobain justice and made Katy Perry's song "Part of Me" unheard of according to Cee Lo. She practically had to move Christina by crying at the end of her song, "Please Don't Go." All the judges even agree that the only thing that is going for her is her "mysteriousness." If she wants to thrive in the music industry, she shouldn't come out as a singer but rather a songwriter, otherwise, she'll crash and burn and be "somebody we used to know."




If Sara Niemietz were onthere she would shut jealouse evil Christina up. Her you tube channel is smokn hot.


I am not watching the show anymore. Christina Aguilera killed it. I only started watching cuz the "blind" auditions and the name of the show made me think it was something different and less rigged and superficial. Leave it to Christina A.-- Ms. rigged and superficial-- to make the show's lack of integrity plain for everyone to see. Best wishes to Jessie...


omg so glad Raelynns finally gone...couldn't stand her voice she was horrible...she sounded fake with her accent and think she was getting a little to big for her britches all because Blake doted on far as Jesse goes..he was good I was hoping he would win...I liked the idea of the show at first but I am starting to feel that looks are playing a role in who stays and who goes...I next week will be better


Obviously the person below me is a nig.. Ignorant fuck can't even spell.


Really xtina u kicked of jessie no u have no chance of winning


Are you kidding me? Raelynn his best singer? Okay, now be a big boy an put your boner aside long enough to listen to ANY one of her songs. No range, she's pitchy, tone deaf and just all around terrible. Not only was she the worst one left, she was the least talented singer picked. Other than the black rapper dude. She only did country songs and she couldn't even do it right! May God have mercy on your soul you ignorant piece of shit.


Thank God they finally got rid of Raelynn. She is horrible and should have never made it as far as she did. They sent home MUCH better singers whom they should have kept instead of her!


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