The Voice Recap: Instant Elimination Quarterfinal Twist!

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With all the teams narrowed to four singers, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera mentored their proteges on The Voice's quarterfinals Monday night ...

... and had to axe one on the spot.

That's right, ANOTHER Voice format change! In an unprecedented twist, both coaches were obligated to immediately eliminate one of their charges.

Tonight, America's votes will determine who else will go home from each team. "I think it's caught us off guard a little bit. ... It sucks," Blake said.

Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera

From Team Blake, RaeLynn performed a rendition of Jason Aldean's "Country Girl," prompting Shelton to say he was proud and that she kicks ass.

Jermaine Paul was dubbed Christina's "favorite" after his rendition of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds." Blake called this a "turning point" for Paul.

From Aguilera's team, Ashley De La Rosa marked her 18th birthday with a rock version of Jewel's "Foolish Games" that was very well received.

Before they had to make their impossible decisions, Shelton and Aguilera each took the stage to perform with their remaining team members.

Team Christina performed Aguilera's own hit "Fighter," while Team Blake tackled the Eagles' "Heartache Tonight." Then came the hard part ...

"I was really hoping for somebody to come out here and not do a good job ... and it just didn't happen," Blake said, before eliminating Jordis Unga.

Blake based that on audience votes two weeks ago that placed her in the bottom three. Hard to blame him for that, even if he loved Jordis.

Then, in a surprise move, Aguilera opted to let Jesse Campbell go.

After Campbell's performance of Beyoncé's "Halo" earlier, Adam Levine told him he was a "huge, huge favorite" to win the entire competition.

So much for that.

Tonight, the votes of fans will decide who joins Jordis and Jesse in the former contestant category. Next week, Teams Cee Lo and Adam go for broke.

What do you think? Do you like the newest twist, and did Blake and Christina do the right things with it? Sound off on The Voice below!


Age shouldn't have anything to do with it or not regardless of the whole package the voice is looking for. Jesse has talent, look at Susan Boyle, age didn't stop her.Christina clearly likes being boss and she did first mention how certain people are not taking advice and all that which meant that Jesse was clearly not taking her direction well.Christina rubs alot of people the wrong way last nights performance was an embarrasment her singers besides Jesse sucked and she could barely dance on stage I mean how can she dance or move anymore since her fake boob implants keep getting bigger and her new big butt implants are preventing her from moving on the dance floor? the shows a joke.


@Bobbie, Corianne, and Shockwave: Wow, do you guys even listen to yourselves? You all sound like a bunch of pathetic, hateful bullies. Just because Christina Aguilera eliminated the contestant you like doesn't mean she she's a "coked out whore" or an "egotistical bitch". Ego has nothing to do with it. The people calling her names and leaving pissy comments about her are showing their immaturity. This is a competition and it's close to the end, which means people will be seeing some of the contestants they like going home. There's no need to be a brat or a bully about it. Grow up, America.


I also will not be watching "The Voice" after Christina let Jesse go. He was the only one I was voting for. I knew when Christina said she would "fight for him" so that he would choose to be on her team instead of Adam's. She's a liar. She had no intention of "fighting for him". He should have gone with Adam. He would would have picked better songs for him. I could see on Adam's face how shocked he was.


What's up with Christina-in this picture she looks like she's going to jump Blake at any moment. You better watch it girl, I don't think Miranda will like that much.


JESSE! Seriously Christina??? Jesse was so above the rest of Christina's team. Chris is an excellent opera singer but Jesse was the better fit.
JERMAINE is the one to beat for sure!!
Juliett, Jamar, James and Erin are great!
Christina's elimination choice was a huge mistake, no chance for her team to win now.
Jesse should go far regardless.


I think both choices were wrong. Blake should have kept Jordis - she had vastly improved over the last 2 weeks. Cristina (Her Supreme Ego) sent her best 'Voice' packing. And rambled and whined WAY too long doing it! Poor Blake had to cram his answer into about 30 seconds. Did anyone else notice that last week, she was rude and dismissive (more than as usual, I mean) to all singers but her own; but this week was all sugary compliments? Her PR person must've gotten to her! I agree with other posts - yes, she a great singer; but what a total egotistical b#tch...


I will not be watching this show again, It turns out to be just like all the other shows. If Jesse was to old he should have been let go earlier. The show is the VOICE not the LOOKS.


I am not voting anymore as Christina took away my vote...
Jesse Rocks, She so will lose now?? Go Adam at least your honest in everything you do whether it sucks or not!!


I still think it sucks that Gwen Sebatin was not in the finals. She has the voice and talent but from the midlands ?


jesse was good...but he is old....many of the people who are saying he is good (which he is) wont buy his cd..xstina did what she had to do...they have to have the full package along with the voice. as much as we dont want to believe it this world is based on appearance..lets face is...he did have an awesome voice but he just didnt fit..i mean come on...where is javier colon? or whatever his name is

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