The Voice Recap: Instant Elimination Quarterfinal Twist!

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With all the teams narrowed to four singers, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera mentored their proteges on The Voice's quarterfinals Monday night ...

... and had to axe one on the spot.

That's right, ANOTHER Voice format change! In an unprecedented twist, both coaches were obligated to immediately eliminate one of their charges.

Tonight, America's votes will determine who else will go home from each team. "I think it's caught us off guard a little bit. ... It sucks," Blake said.

Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera

From Team Blake, RaeLynn performed a rendition of Jason Aldean's "Country Girl," prompting Shelton to say he was proud and that she kicks ass.

Jermaine Paul was dubbed Christina's "favorite" after his rendition of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds." Blake called this a "turning point" for Paul.

From Aguilera's team, Ashley De La Rosa marked her 18th birthday with a rock version of Jewel's "Foolish Games" that was very well received.

Before they had to make their impossible decisions, Shelton and Aguilera each took the stage to perform with their remaining team members.

Team Christina performed Aguilera's own hit "Fighter," while Team Blake tackled the Eagles' "Heartache Tonight." Then came the hard part ...

"I was really hoping for somebody to come out here and not do a good job ... and it just didn't happen," Blake said, before eliminating Jordis Unga.

Blake based that on audience votes two weeks ago that placed her in the bottom three. Hard to blame him for that, even if he loved Jordis.

Then, in a surprise move, Aguilera opted to let Jesse Campbell go.

After Campbell's performance of Beyoncé's "Halo" earlier, Adam Levine told him he was a "huge, huge favorite" to win the entire competition.

So much for that.

Tonight, the votes of fans will decide who joins Jordis and Jesse in the former contestant category. Next week, Teams Cee Lo and Adam go for broke.

What do you think? Do you like the newest twist, and did Blake and Christina do the right things with it? Sound off on The Voice below!


I was disappointed as all of you were about last night Jesse being eliminated. I thought they wanted talent. Never once did they mention AGE would be a factor. Clearly Christina LIED... I prayed Jesse would pick Adam..but he picked Christina... A HOT MESS NOW... LOST ME NOW WONT BE WATCHING..I WAS VOTING FOR JESSE. KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG WHEN I COULDNT RING THE PHONE NUMBER.....SAD SAD SAD SAD. LOVE U JESSE.


I'm going to be honest. I think Jesse performance of Bey's Halo was horrible. YES. He sounded horrible. In other songs like If Ain't Got You he was way better. But I almost turn off my TV when he started to sing the chorus of Halo, extremely pitchy and airy. The arragement was even worse. I don't know who's the one to blame, but Jesse performance was completly and totally awful. PERIOD!


@Maryanne - They've already done the next season auditions, so I'm sure the show will be on next year.


I like consistency, and stuff like that just pisses me off leading me to change the channel which is a shame, cause I like Aguilera.


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The Voice is very boring...BUT!! Jesse should not have been the one to go.....I'll be surprised if the show comes back next year....The only one that keeps it going is Adam...


Chris is no opera singer, folks! His voice is too light for opera, and it's shaky. He wouldn't get a part in any major opera house in the country or a minor one. And he's not even that good looking. But he has 6 CDs and I guess someone thinks he can sell records. This is what The Voice is all about - who they think can sell records! It's also a showcase for the judges, and a money maker for NBC. Nothing more.


The Voice is a complete joke! At least on American Idol we get a chance to see people perform and grow over several weeks. On The Voice, you don't feel like you know many of the singers. They don't get to appear often enough or stay around long enough. As a result, I find myself not caring about any of the singers. Jesse was the best male singer and he got eliminated for being old, as did Kim for the women. WTF?


I was very disapointed with Blake. Maybe he should just base his opinions on something other than two weeks ago. I was watching the show to see Jordis and one other person. I still have a dog in the fight, but I am very disapointed. I wish Jordis had chosen someone else.


This Voice is only good during the blind auditions. It's more a showcase for the judges than the singers! It only goes downhill from there. They have a lot of nerve calling it "The Voice" when it's mostly about catering to a young market and about looks. I am not sure blaming Christina for Jesse's elimination is the way to go - it could be she's just following orders from producers to get rid of an older, black male singer they don't feel is easily marketed in today's pop mess. It's shocking and very sad that Jesse was eliminated when he's the best singer on the show. I'm surprised Erin got to stay, maybe Blake seems willing to fight more for some of his people who don't look the part, but eliminating Jordis (who is a really good singer) to keep the off-key. silly Rae Lynn was ridiculous. I will only watch this show on DVR now, never in real time again.

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