The Voice Recap: Instant Elimination Quarterfinal Twist!

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With all the teams narrowed to four singers, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera mentored their proteges on The Voice's quarterfinals Monday night ...

... and had to axe one on the spot.

That's right, ANOTHER Voice format change! In an unprecedented twist, both coaches were obligated to immediately eliminate one of their charges.

Tonight, America's votes will determine who else will go home from each team. "I think it's caught us off guard a little bit. ... It sucks," Blake said.

Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera

From Team Blake, RaeLynn performed a rendition of Jason Aldean's "Country Girl," prompting Shelton to say he was proud and that she kicks ass.

Jermaine Paul was dubbed Christina's "favorite" after his rendition of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds." Blake called this a "turning point" for Paul.

From Aguilera's team, Ashley De La Rosa marked her 18th birthday with a rock version of Jewel's "Foolish Games" that was very well received.

Before they had to make their impossible decisions, Shelton and Aguilera each took the stage to perform with their remaining team members.

Team Christina performed Aguilera's own hit "Fighter," while Team Blake tackled the Eagles' "Heartache Tonight." Then came the hard part ...

"I was really hoping for somebody to come out here and not do a good job ... and it just didn't happen," Blake said, before eliminating Jordis Unga.

Blake based that on audience votes two weeks ago that placed her in the bottom three. Hard to blame him for that, even if he loved Jordis.

Then, in a surprise move, Aguilera opted to let Jesse Campbell go.

After Campbell's performance of Beyoncé's "Halo" earlier, Adam Levine told him he was a "huge, huge favorite" to win the entire competition.

So much for that.

Tonight, the votes of fans will decide who joins Jordis and Jesse in the former contestant category. Next week, Teams Cee Lo and Adam go for broke.

What do you think? Do you like the newest twist, and did Blake and Christina do the right things with it? Sound off on The Voice below!


I agree that it was a shock to have Jesse go, I don't understand Christina's decision!!!! I think he should have been there until the end. I am also getting tired of seeing Christina's "boobs" hanging out each week. She needs a stylist to work with her, she can still be sexy but not so garish.


Christina thinks everything is about her bleached blonde she can't sing she don't care about her team she's just going through the motions for her check I'm sorry that Jessie didn't pick someone else .ihope you Get the contract you deserve good luck


Christina's shorts were way to tight, she obviously had brain damage.
All the other judges said Jessie was the one to beat, so she cuts him?? What a dumb blonde, or maybe she is jealous he is better than she is?


Aguilera should be let go after last nights horrible decision!
She just proved to have idiotic judgement. I'm sorry for Jessie. He deserved a much better judge. All her words of "I'll fight for you" were complete lies. What a moron!


Meh....I was more shocked that Jordis was eliminated...raelynn is cute but awful.
Jesse peaked at the audition. Every performance he made since then was underwhelming.


From the very first night of the show Jesse was the favorite which spured Christina to pick him for her team. He picked her as his coach because he trusted her to fight for him, at least that's what she said. The voice is what Jesse is obviously he has more talent than Christina and that became an issue when the other coaches choose to elevate Jesse to an entirely different above the other contestants. Jesse was the clear favorite and Christina made sure he would not win by choosing to eliminate him, simply because she could, I will never watch the voice again. I am still in shock.


I thought Chirstina was a fair person but I guess not. Jesse will do good but I will not watch the Voice ever again.


I think Christine was pressured into letting Jesse go , sorry to say that,s a loss for voice as far as integrity , and being impartial . I also believe Jesse is better off in the long run because he won't have to give up a large percentage of his record sales to them. He has a beautiful voice , and I'm sure that he's already been contacted by several big music companies .


I cant believe Christina let Jesse go! I will no longer be watching the Voice!


I'm 68 but love Blake and liked Christina before The Voice where she is a smart ass, suck up to the very married Blake and acts like she is the world's greatest singer. Two things blew me away last night. Letting Jesse go, one of the best singers on there and her skimpy outfit showing her not that great body and right in front of the choir. Great role model, CA. Actually, we aren't interested in either your ego or your boobs and ass, we are interested in the singers. Keep on keeping on Jesse and when you have a record, I'll be in line to buy it. Meanwhile, RayLynn, while cute, can't sing. But Germaine (the guy on Blake's team) is fantastic and so was the opera singer so my vote goes to them. My other vote goes for The Voice dumping Aguilera for someone who deserves the job. And can do it better than her.

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