The Voice Recap: Instant Elimination Quarterfinal Twist!

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With all the teams narrowed to four singers, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera mentored their proteges on The Voice's quarterfinals Monday night ...

... and had to axe one on the spot.

That's right, ANOTHER Voice format change! In an unprecedented twist, both coaches were obligated to immediately eliminate one of their charges.

Tonight, America's votes will determine who else will go home from each team. "I think it's caught us off guard a little bit. ... It sucks," Blake said.

Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera

From Team Blake, RaeLynn performed a rendition of Jason Aldean's "Country Girl," prompting Shelton to say he was proud and that she kicks ass.

Jermaine Paul was dubbed Christina's "favorite" after his rendition of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds." Blake called this a "turning point" for Paul.

From Aguilera's team, Ashley De La Rosa marked her 18th birthday with a rock version of Jewel's "Foolish Games" that was very well received.

Before they had to make their impossible decisions, Shelton and Aguilera each took the stage to perform with their remaining team members.

Team Christina performed Aguilera's own hit "Fighter," while Team Blake tackled the Eagles' "Heartache Tonight." Then came the hard part ...

"I was really hoping for somebody to come out here and not do a good job ... and it just didn't happen," Blake said, before eliminating Jordis Unga.

Blake based that on audience votes two weeks ago that placed her in the bottom three. Hard to blame him for that, even if he loved Jordis.

Then, in a surprise move, Aguilera opted to let Jesse Campbell go.

After Campbell's performance of Beyoncé's "Halo" earlier, Adam Levine told him he was a "huge, huge favorite" to win the entire competition.

So much for that.

Tonight, the votes of fans will decide who joins Jordis and Jesse in the former contestant category. Next week, Teams Cee Lo and Adam go for broke.

What do you think? Do you like the newest twist, and did Blake and Christina do the right things with it? Sound off on The Voice below!


I haven't seen a dumb a$$ move like that since Jennifer Hudson got booted off American Idol. Jesse will do amazing because he is truly talented and Christina can admit she was wrong like Simon did. I had alot of respect for the voice and what it stood for, but now im not so sure.


How do we vote Christina off the show? I think there should be a get Christina off the show campaign


Jesse was voted off way too early. Christina sucks at voting. I stop watching the voice and probably never will with christina on the show.


It was obvious from the first time he did his solo that CA did not like him! I have known Jesse for years and been a fan forever! The looks she would give him after he sung was definitely a sign of jealousy!I really wish he would have went with Adam or Cee Lo, I'm so mad I could scream! He was the best on the show! I will never watch the show again until she is put off!


Shocking! I pray that this was a Fakey McTricky move, and Jesse already has a record deal. If not it was a BIZARRE and sad choice! What is the real agenda of the show, Aguilera? Jesse was clearly 'The Voice'. The whole episode was just awful, especially when Christina wore the half-naked outfit with the robed youth choir in the background. That was truly strange. The show had a great deal of potential. Not sure at all now.


I think Lindsey and Chris Mann got more votes than Jesse in the past rounds. Christina decided to make sure that the top two vote gainers will stay by eliminating Jesse, knowing that the Ashley got the fewest votes from the last round. That way she might maximize the chance of winning in the end. Considering that the top vote would go to Lindsey or Chris, she can then save the other.


Wow! I just saw who AMERICA saved on Christina's team...she must know something about what the country likes because to me Chris Mann is a boring singer, and really nothing like her in style. Now I'm I thinking that given Christina's taste in music she wouldn't have eliminated Jesse, but that she's making business choices - because I really felt Jesse & Ashley were her favorites.


Instant Elimination is the most stupid thing that has happened for The Voice, and it WILL make the show loss audience. They tried to get more audience, so asked Americans to vote, then slapped American's face with this stupid Instant Elimination-- totally disrespected American't votes! People who came up the Instant Elimination are totally out of their minds, and should be INSTANTLY ELIMINATED from The Voice!!! They gave the singer hope first by saving them by their coaches, then sat there with joy to see the singers' heart broke with this crucial Instantly Elimination.... How much fun for those smart ass who think they just came up a smart idea to watch the furious audience and broken-hearted singers???!!!! I liked the show a lot, and it was the only show I never missed. However, after this Monday, it is not anymore, and I will not watch the Voice any more!!! How great the instant elimination is--it might have eliminated many fans like me!


Damn Christina, why u let Jesse go! im not watching the voice anymore.... i prefer American Idol......


Jesse, I hope you blow up so CA will see the error of her ways. CA need to put some cloths on her fat ass, and broom straw hair. Jesse was such a threat to her and I put CA on the same level as that other dummy judge Nicole S. None of the people left on The Voice can lift a finger to the singers on American Idol, where they have the best of the best singers. I will not watch The Voice.

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