The Real Housewives of Vancouver Trailer: Let the Games Begin!

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Dear residents of Canada: We are very, very sorry.

Due to the popularity of The Real Housewives... franchise on Bravo, the Canadian network Slice will debut The Real Housewives of Vancouver tomorrow night, piggybacking on the ratings success of cat-fighting, table-flipping and script-reading in the United States.

Check out a trailer for the series below and then meet the cast:

Reiko MacKenzie: Married to a venture capitalist, has two children and a fleet of high-end cars that include a Ferraris 599 GTO and a 458 Italia valued together at $1 million.

Cristina Kiesel: A double divorcee, has visited over 30 countries in the last four years, considered the show's party gal.

Ronnie Seterdahl Negus: Owns four houses, side-by-side, in the same neighborhood; along with a yacht and a 200-acre vineyard; married with four children ranging in age from 5 to 23.

Jody Claman: Clothing store owner, single mom who refers to herself as “Martha Stewart on acid.”

Mary Zilba: A successful singer earlier in life, now a single mom with three children; former Miss Ohio; looking to return to the spotlight/business world.


Jody is NOT a singe mom. She is married, so get the facts right before posting them!


It's time to get all of these Shit Shows off the air. They are horrid. We try to teach girls not to be bullies in high school and here you have a TV show with a bunch of grown women doing the same thing. GROW UP AND STOP THESE SILLY SHOWS. They are gross. I'm so SICK of so called REALITY shows. They are cheap cheap to run on air and believe me they are CHEAP to watch.


Hi Danielle, Do you know what time you'll be presenting? I'd like to teatnd but I really don't want to have to sit there and listen to Jim Jubak, the same guy who wrote why there was no housing bubble in the US in 2005. In my opinion, he has zero credibility.


So boring!! If you can't produce.a better show, why do one at all? I'm no fan of the USA but this is
a sad portrayal of Canada! The women, the producers etc. should get off the air!!


It is most unfortunate that it would seem the techs and producers are in Toronto as they don't seem to 'get it' about Vancouver's beauty and beauties (well - 4 of them anyway). They need to relate to the Vancouver culture to showcase our ladies and they need a better editor......maybe from Vancouver.If they fire out the guy making it look like a boring documentary - our ladies would be very well show cased. They have interesting facets to be explored. Get rid of the guy experienced in documentaries and bring on someone who actually resides on the west coast. THANK YOU


Wow I feel like someone from Toronto is bitter. Lexy and paulene are probably the same bitter Torontonian. This show is great! I'm from Calgary and there's definitely no way we could have a housewives franchise here but Vancouver is a good choice
West van is the richest neighborhood in Canada!


This show is so boring, city is boring, the girls are UGLY and boring. What a disappointment. This show will never be like the American series


They are reaching into the scum bag bottom of the barrel to produce this show? Come on...these women do NOT deserve the status of the REAL HOUSEWIVES show! They should have headed to Toronto where the REAL stars and socialites are!


Jodi and her daughter are pathetic and ugly as hell .You mean mean bitch.......