The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Premiere: Record Ratings!

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Yup, viewers still love those crazy Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Sunday night's season four premiere garnered three million viewers for Bravo, earning a spot as the most-viewed season premiere in network history.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Premiere Pic

The episode featured your basic fighting among cast members, highlighted by Teresa Giudice (above) saying sister-in-law Melissa Gorga would leave her husband if a richer man entered the picture.

Gorga didn't respond kindly to those comments.

An hour prior to this premiere, The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion matched its counterpart, as 3.2 million people (who may need to re-evaluate their lives) tuned in to watch grown women stage scripted arguments.

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Chris n Greg should admit it on the show, I support the Manzo family but most n foremost Caroline values honesty and being real, her brother received more support of his marriage then anything else and coming clean on this show would strengthen support for gay rights to be accepted and I would think caroline would want that for her son, rethink your stance please xoxo


Chris is defiantly gay. He needs to be honest!


I am VERY close to manzo family. Yes, we all know CHRIS is gay not Alvie and yes we all mow that Greggy is Chris manzo's lover. They have been together for a long time. Caroline did not want it in the show and wants to keep it secret. Any gay person will tell you that Chris is very gay. Eventually it will come out.


Chris is gay and his room mate is his partner. Everyone close to him knows and Caroline has sworn everyone to secret. She does not want this to be mocked on the show. Christopher manzo and Greg are partners.


OMG Erin, Are you nuts? Vess was just asking a question to the group. I thought the same thing watching Albie and Christopher with all of their gay friends. Why are you attacking Vess and what is with the CAPS you are throwing at her? You must be a friend of the Manzo clan. Chill out girl.


Jacqueline's daughter looks like a big drug addict. I can understand why Jacqueline is always so unhappy. With Jacqueline and her husband's company bankrupt and getting hit with a big law suit for using company funds to live their lavish lifestyle I can see why she's about to crack up. Maybe her little sicko daughter is her karma for all of the terrible things she has done to others - like stabbing Danielle in the back.


CHRIS MANZO IS NOT GAY. Gossip blogs have talked about girls he's dated in the past, he was on Millionaire Matchmaker and Patti set him up with girls, and again, if he were gay, why would he want to open a hetero strip club car wash? He would open up a gay club. Do you think he's gay just because his roomie is? So, does that mean Albie is gay too since he lives with them as well? Of course Chris is close with the's his roomie! Doesn't mean he's gay, lol. He's goofy, he's childish, but he is not gay and he's not getting married. Caroline's gay brother gets married. He was on the show Season 1 with Dina and he was on the show last season with Ashley(remember when she was telling him about her new tattoo of a Swallow bird)?


Erin, How do you know Caroline's son Chriss is not gay? I don't really care if he is/is not- it was just something I was wondering about. Chriss seems to be really close to that gay person he lives with and that person was featured a lot on the vacation episodes. So I thought they might be boyfriends. I don't remember any girlfriends featured on the show. Only Caroline's daughter was shown to be dating someone of the opposite sex.


Vess, Caroline's sons Albie and Chris are not gay(I mean really, why would Chris want to open a stipper car wash if he was gay?). I forget his name, but it's one of Caroline's BROTHERS that is gay and gets married. He's actually been on the show a few times.


The preview shows the trashy NJ Housewives traveling the SF for a gay wedding. Is Caroline's son Chriss going to come out of the closet on the show and wed that guy he lives with in Hoboken?