The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap, Part 2: The Boys Join In

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta return for part two of their three-part reunion (see part one recap) and this time, the boys join the party.Who held their head high and who got down in the mud? We break it all down in THG's +/- recap!

Peter hits the stage with wife Cynthia and defends his anniversary party by saying that he wanted to make it about them in a way that their wedding was not.

Really? Minus 8 because it seemed like it was more about putting on a show for everyone else and had very little to do with what his wife wanted.

NeNe Not Happy

If he were interested in making Cynthia happy, he'd try and get along with her sister. Yes, Mal needs to try too ... but Peter could make some sort of effort instead of defending how right he is to hate her. 

I know Peter says we don't see the whole story on TV and that's true but his wife's happiness always appears to come in second to Peter's ego.

NeNe gets all hot and bothered by rumors that she flirts with Peter. Minus 7. She does flirt with Peter. Own it. If it is truly harmless and Cynthia and Peter are okay with it, then what difference does it make.

Got to give Peter a Plus 9 for admitting that Phaedra calling him Papa Smurf was funny as hell. So true and it's nice to see that he can laugh at himself.

On to Kroy who says he never saw the show before he met Kim but he does get some teasing from the guys in the locker room. I'll bet! He says his first impression of Kim was that she was fun and vibrant and he wanted to get to know her. Aww. Plus 10. Gosh these two are sweet.

When asked about Kim and Nene, Kroy says that he supports Kim a thousand percent. It's unfortunate when friends have a falling out but people come in and out of your life as you grow and change. 

Plus 20 for being the one adult in the room. This guy is way too together for this show and he's only 26 years old?!? Damn. Kim's a lucky girl.

Kim Recoils

Apollo doesn't have a whole lot to say. He's the quiet man of the group so he gets a Plus 5 just for that. He says Phaedra's always been supportive of him and he supports her new funeral venture but he won't be hands on with it. He's not ready to jump in a casket just yet. And of course he'll always be on hand to admire her donkey booty.

And then we're back to Black Baby Gate  You knew we wouldn't get through this reunion without one more rehashing. Minus 10

Cynthia admits that she just couldn't picture Kim going to an orphanage and since Kim feels they don't really know one another that well she can get passed that impression. Plus 5.

But Kandi's another story. They're friends and she agreed with Cynthia. That hurt more.

Kandi defends herself by saying that Kim always leaves events early and hates long trips. She doesn't feel that Kim would have wanted to go and what got Kim so riled up was the black babies comment which she never actually said. Kim agrees. Plus 15 for both woman being able to talk it out instead of screeching at one another. It's a refreshing change for this show.

Sheree apologizes to Kandi for accusing her of making the black babies comment. Cynthia asks why Sheree didn't say anything to them when they had the conversation in Africa if it bothered her so much.  Why run back home and bring it back to Kim? Phaedra agrees.

Kandi Burruss Cleavage

Sheree was causing trouble, plain and simple. Minus 12.

Andy actually admits we've exhausted this topic and moves on! Hallelujah. Plus 20.

Oh things were much too quiet so they brought on Marlo. Ugh. Minus 13.

Marlo laments that the Smalls don't want her anymore now that she's friends with NeNe. No honey. They never wanted you to begin with.

Marlo complains about the ladies bringing up her criminal past but she's the one who flaunts it when she gets riled. Marlo says she's still working on her etiquette. Yeah, no kidding.

Kim tries to say something nice and says Marlo has great fashion. Then Marlo turns around and brings up a catty comment Kim made during the show and calls Kim a whore. And the real Marlo is back.  Then she turns around and says that Kim doesn't know her well enough to call her an escort.

Things quickly descend even lower when Marlo accuses Kim of paying for her own engagement ring with Big Poppa's money. That Kroy could never afford it. Then she brings up the kids having different daddies. Now that's going low. Minus 15. Can we send Marlo away now. 

Well at least we can get a reprieve until Sunday when we'll get the third and final installment of this Housewives reunion.



Nenelooks great men's I love you girl don't worry about what people say about you .they are insecure about them selfs fuck them Haters. Kim go to Hell sharay go to Hell kandy go straight to Hell with to cry baby add. Marking I love u keep being you and don't let boomed charge that call me Nene and marking 2163335384


NeNe is the most unattractive woman I have ever seen. Marlo has a lot of nerve calling anyone a whore, jeez! Love Phaedra, Kandi is OK and I must admit Kim is growing on me since Kroy came into her life. I don't think Kim has a racist bone in her body and would hold a child of any color. Cynthia and Sheree are worthless.


Marlo had me rolling. Kim needed a reminder because I am about tired of her.


I thought NeNe was leaving the show....God, I hope so. She's a mess and a witch....and that mouth on Marlo!!! She is trash too. Kim isn't pure as the driven snow either. Didn't know Sheree' was leaving. Phaedra is sickening, so I guess the only two I like are Cindy and Candy.....


I had to wear sun glasses because of NeNe's teeth!
Don't understand why NeNe has to keep talking about her money, who cares? If she were SO rich than why signup for another season?
Marlo is a nasty ghetto bit*h and I am amazed that the Turner family would have anything to do with her.


Where the HELL is MY Kroy???!!!!


Marlo was just telling it like it is. It does appear that Kim has turned a new leaf, BUT, she did date a married man for money. I'm tired of Kim acting like she's better than the other ladies and acting like that affair with Big Poppa never happened. It did happen, and if she would just own it, we can all move on from it. She shouldn't call Marlo out for things she has done in her past as well. Glad Black Baby Gate is finally in the past...and so excited Sheree is not coming back. She is completely worthless. Love Phaedra, hope they show more of her next season.

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