The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap, Part 2: The Boys Join In

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta return for part two of their three-part reunion (see part one recap) and this time, the boys join the party.Who held their head high and who got down in the mud? We break it all down in THG's +/- recap!

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    Nene is a bully she ruined her and kim relationship with her jealously. She just could not accept kim was getting money and extra fame for her songs with no voice talent. Kim already knew she had no vocals and was just having fun with it all while putting food on the table for her kids. kim congratulated nene on her role on glee and seemed to be very sincere abt it. But nene could accept kims hustle.marlo label bragging whore needs to new more humble everything dont last forever does seem ur investing to insure ur future as far I can see.


    Kandi is my favorite she owns up to whatever she say abt anybody. anything she has said abt anyone she has also said to there face. She got the best hustle hand on the show. Sheree foul for throwing her under the bus shereè is $10.00 away from the soup line. Shes is done after the go apply for foodstamps man I mean woman.pheadra looks like lil richard with a phat ass but


    Yes no one cares of how much you got but that is something she is happy with but you can end up lose money too.if i was rich i would be rock it too. so you know to all those who like to open there month and say things before going to that person needs to understand the facts first, Marlo shoes i love it and i love the pruses she has as well she the type of person i can shop with and nene does not like Kim and the things she says sherre and kim are best friends but they love to say things about people I feel yes kim can be a liitle bit bosy at times


    Nene is a big bully, she always will because she's RICH now. Who the hell cares. Nenes head is so big, she is disgusting to look at. The man who is trying to get Nene is a retard, just look at the man. Marlo is a whore whore whore whore. Kim never said she was a saint, and nene and marlo are jealous that Kim is sooooooooooo happy in her life now. I love Kim and Pheadra!!! you girls rock.



    Great job. I Agree totally!We apparently are the few bloggers with memory cells left in our brain. I'm so tired of viewers claims that Phony Phaedra's the most down to earth when she's a undercover pervert. If a man objectified everyone's butt, it'd be an issue. She and Sheree practically molested that african mannequin at the museum. Kandi's another one that viewers can't seem to see through. I think she can dish it but can't take it. She and Phaedra sought out Marlo solely to antagonize NeNe. It backfired! The Smalls now, all of a sudden wonder why Marlo's even on the show. Kandi's so transparent. She's a gossip and a trouble maker. Mighty funny how she only looked up Marlo's past after her plan backfired and Marlo and NeNe became friends. Only after Kandi invited her to your internet chat show and encouraged Cynthia to invite Marlo to Peter's Bar one event. So fake Kandi.


    Marlo only called Kim out because Kim had alot of NOT so nice things to say about how Marlo makes her money. Kim needs to realize that "People who live in glass WHORE houses shouldn't throw stones".


    kim- let me set the record straight for some viewers. she is a lpn not a registered nurse. so there is no college involved its a 1 yr and half of school like boces in ny not college. i hope kroy gets smart soon and curve her spending and use some kind of birth control. kroy, she got you for the next 21yrs good luck. and by the way she is a whore!!!!


    This show has run its course; time to move on ladies. Marlo was completely out of line to call someone a whore, esp. given her background. I hope they all find happiness and let go of this petty bitch-fest show.


    Um **correction*** to stephanie, Kim is a registered nurse in Connecticut, i believe that means she went to college so before you type get your facts straight. Id rather be a educated skank than me a 7 time criminal offender/ugly/escort w zero type of etiquette and education skank like marlo.


    Y does everyone keep talking about Nene's teeth? She obviously has had her teeth fixed so Sheree needs to find something else to talk about. Noone is perfect!

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