The Hunger Games Surpasses $300 Million at the Box Office

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Two more cannon shots were heard around the country this week, as The Hunger Games defeated a pair of widely hyped newcomers to wear the box office crown for the third week in a row.

Neither American Reunion nor Titanic 3D were any match for Katniss and company: the big screen version of Suzanne Collins' novel earned $33.5 million on Friday and Saturday to become the sixth-fastest film to reach $300 in domestic receipts.

Peeta Poster

At this pace, The Hunger Games is on target for a final U.S. gross of between $360 million and $370 million.

Here's a look at the top five finishers from Easter weekend:

  1. The Hunger Games: $33.5 million
  2. American Reunion: $21.5 million
  3. Titanic 3D: $17.4 million
  4. Wrath of the Titans: $15.0 million
  5. Mirror Mirror: $11.0 million

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