The Hunger Games Sequel: Delayed by Director? [Updated]

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Lionsgate has already booked a November 2013 release date for the wildly-anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. But might the studio have trouble meeting this deadline?

Katniss Everdeen Hunting

The question arises because negotiations aren't going smoothly with director Gary Ross, who executives want to return based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews for the first installment of the franchise.

Ross earned $3 million for The Hunger Games - plus back-end profits - and, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter, is angling for a major sequel raise.

All other major players have signed on for both Catching Fire and Mockingjay - from Jennifer Lawrence to Liam Hemsworth - so the only real hold-up at the moment is Ross. The film could always take on a new director, of course, but an insider sees that as unlikely.

"Ultimately, it will be difficult, and yet everybody will do the sane thing, which is to work it out. Everybody will end up unhappy in their own way. It's just the nature of the beast."

UPDATE: Or... not. Ross has dropped out, and the movie will open as scheduled on 11/23/13.


Personally I think that Prim's name being drawn at the reaping was a plant bucseae of how smug Effie Trinket was when she called her name. But I don't think the Capitol personally wanted Prim, I think they just wanted a 12-year-old girl, and that just happened to be Prim. Also, if the drawing was a plant (which I don't think it is) then Effie would've known that Katniss would step up and take Prim's place and when she does take her place, everyone (including Effie) was shocked, bucseae district 12 hadn't had someone fill in for a tribute in years.


Thank god Gary Ross won't direct it. It was nowhere near how amazing the books were. It seriously made me mad for how bad it was. The camera was shaking for all the good scenes, and a lot of important parts were taken out. Now I know Gary Ross just directs but he is a young director, and I think this is his first movie. So wtf gary ross?

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