Suge Knight: Tupac Really Might Be Alive!

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Conspiracy theorists? Take notice. This is the day you've been waiting for.

There is a very good chance Tupac Shakur is alive and well, and in hiding, according to the man who was with him during the (allegedly) fatal shooting.

Former Death Row Records kingpin Suge Knight came on 93.5 KDay in L.A. and threw gasoline on the fire of the urban legend that simply will not die.

Maybe we weren't so far off after all when we posited that the Tupac hologram was the real deal. According to Suge, the rapper FAKED his own death.

Knight's theory on why the killer was never caught? There was no murder: "Maybe the question is ... Pac's not really dead ... Pac's somewhere else."

Asked if he ever saw Tupac's body following the 1996 drive-by shooting, he adds, "Nobody seen Tupac dead." Well, that's one way of putting it.

Suge Knight explains, "The person who supposedly cremated Tupac ... this guy got about 3 million dollars .. personally from me. Cash ... and next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again ... he retired and left."

Oookay then. You tell us: Is he really dead?

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My goodness, no wonder our country is so far behind in education...reading some of these comments is painful.


Tupac is alive! I saw Tupac on the corner of 42nd Street sellin Biggie T-Shirts, 2 for $10. TUPAC LIVES!


Before his death he was
leaning towards the politics b/c he wanted to
finally try and do something about it. His last
album was Don Killuminati.. Killumati=Kill
+Illuminati...he knew about them and their
intentions and was against it. He had too much influence and had to be removed. The Big and
Pac situation was the perfect tool for the
media(who they own) to blow it up out of
proportion and make it what it was. They killed
Big too to make it look like they killed
each other, end of story... It's sad what's happening to this world right now. Please do
some research, the time is now!!!!!!!!!!
So let it go, we know suge is a bitch, if i see that
nigga and had a gun i'd pop his evil ass, but it's
all good, Suge will get his, in this life or the
next, but i hope its this one, FUCK YOU SUGE!!


If he is alive, & in hiding, let him be.
But as for what we know as of right now, he is passed away. I wish it wasn't true, but it is. So out of respect for him let him be.


Tupac's death was a total mistery"" we all took part in trying to uncode this puzzel " from his songs" his lyrics time, date, of his death" and we all concluded dat he was alive"""most of us didn't accept the fact"dat he was gone so""" tupac has pulled off 1 hell of a trick by faking his death"""so tupac is alive


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Someone obviously didn't hear welcome to the plastic beach, snoop still kicks ass, hes like the ozzy of rap.


Im the same age Pac would be now....he's gone.....


Tupac, Biggie, Michael, Whitney, Marvin (Gaye), Kurt, Nat (King Cole), Elvis, Amy, Davy, and all the rest are gone people! Some have been gone for decades, some days. END POINT: THEY ARE GONE! Let them all rest in peace and Suge can go suck an egg!


@ benjamin cisse. Try proof reading for once.

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