Source: Mother of Whitney Houston "Inconsolable" Over Autopsy Findings

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In the hours following the release of the full Whitney Houston autopsy - which details a drug-laden hotel room and the state of the singer's dead body, lying face down in a bathtub, blood pooling off her nose - many fans of the singer are reacting with disgust and sadness.

But that's nothing compared to the state of Whitney's mother, Cissy.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Insiders tell TMZ that Cissy Houston is "devastated" and "inconsolable" over these findings, crying uncontrollably after reading the evidence that her daughter suffered from a deep-seeded cocaine problem.

"No one's perfect. Only the Lord can judge," Cissy has reportedly said in response to the sad truth, with her biggest fear being folks will now remember Whitney as a drug addict and not as one of the all-time great singers.

Cissy simply hopes the public considers Houston's iconic National Anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl before they think of the troubles that followed.


Aren't there any performers who don't do drugs of any sort? Nice, clean, decent people?? Where are they. If it isn't drugs it's alcohol.
Yes, she could sing but she is no example to follow.


Every so often you'll see a scenario ... If it walks like a Duck-Quacks like a Duck & Swims like a Duck...............................


It's deep-seated, not deep-seeded.


Like Cissy said "no ones perfect, only the Lord can judge"........let's just leave it like that........there's no REAL evidence that drugs where found in her!!!!! And one of those idiots said they removed drugs from her room....lied....there wasn't no drugs in her room at the first place......hotel security camera's have proven that!!!!


I don´t think Elvis is remembered as a drug-addict primarily. If the memory of Whitney becomes "dirty" in someway I´m convinced its a womens issue. A dirty distinction between men and women. Love Whitney and her loving and struggling and falling and rising. Thank God for people like her.


A horrible way to end, but there are more questions here. BTW, 60% cardiac stenosis is nothing. She did not have a heart attack. Her heart rhythm may have changed and caused her to black out, but to say she had a cardiac incident is just a guess at best. So who runs a bath with just hot water? Where did she get the cocaine? Either she ate like a running back, or someone else had been in the room. Though unlikely, this autopsy has NOT ruled out foul play by a long shot. She could have been pushed into the tub and held down and the same abrasions would have occurred. BTW, the LA Coroner's office is notorious for screwing up cases. Given that she was in extremely hot water, establishing the time of death is impossible. They are relying on statements from Houston's suppliers, I mean entourage. Now how reliable could that be?


Wow, sorry aunt but you knew for years what your daughter got up to. Why act the poor fool now. Sorry but true.


@ logan. I agree.I will say nothing more.


Cissy, Your daughter was a beautiful, talented angel...Anyone with an ear for music will tell you that they will remember her first and foremost as having a heavenly voice. The other stuff, although sad was NOT who she was....God blessed the world with Whitney!


Cissy is who I really feel sorry for. Whitney made her choices and certainly not for her Mom as much as Whitney said she loved her!

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