Snooki Will "Cut a B!tch" if You Mess With Her Kid

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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi isn't a wife or a mother yet, but that's not about to keep her from referring to fiancé Jionni LaValle as her husband, or threatening to cut you.

If you mess with her baby, that is.

"Waiting from my golfer hubby to get home!" the Jersey Shore star tweeted on Tuesday. "I miss u." She passed the time Tweeting self-portraits, at least:

Snooki Self-Portrait

At home in a tight black T-shirt, hot pink booty shorts and a weird ass leopard print head wrap thing, she's sportin' goofy glasses and makin' a fist ... as a warning!

"Preggers power," she tweeted. "I'll cut a b!tch if you mess w my baby!"

Consider yourselves warned. There's this as a cautionary tale, too:

When one person tweeted at the reality star, "The possible fathers of your child must be so excited," Snooki shot back, "Such a lovely b!tch, eh? Hooker."

Step off, haters. In a more supportive Tweet, another fan adds:

"Don't judge. Everyone's had their party phases, then they meet someone that changes their life and start a family. Biggest example? @snooki."

Time will tell, but nice thought. What do you think? Will Snooki be a good mom?


Snooki really needs this man in her life it changed her life fro teh better


JIONNI IS CHEATING ON YOU. What goes around,...Comes around. hahahha !!!


Snooki is awsome. She will grow with this baby and has everything to offer this baby. I think that her and Jionni will be great parents. Jionni is more reserved then Snooks but thats why it will work out. She has so much love to give and this baby will get it all and then some. Those who are haters out there are just jealous of what she has accomplished in such a short period of time. Everyone makes mistakes in their life and over half of you would choose to abort the baby because you say your too young or your not ready well at least Snooks stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for her actions. Im proud of you Snooks and Jionni , I hope yous live a wonderful life . But I hope there is still one more season with Snooks. Everyone loves drama.


Shes a retard and shouldn't be allowed the have custody of her baby, I hope the grandma takes care of it (which will prob happen anyway since snooki will be out drinking and fist pumping til 5am and def cant take the baby with her!)
Come ppl the chic is slow in the head and needs help. She acts like a 4yr old herself... how on earth can she take care of a baby!!!!!!!!?


Youu quyss are justt dumb bitches thatt are haters iswear let her be the way shee is youu dumb idiots


First of all, SHE IS FROM CHILE. She is not a Mex. Stupid-Chilean Whore isn't even Italian !! QUIT TRYING' TO BE SOMETHING THAT YOUR NOT.


She is designer trailer trash... nothing more.


Give up your 15 minutes of fame already and take a step in the direction of motherhood. Welcome to the real world, time to be responsible for another human being. Get off the Jersey Shore! You are going to be a mother!


What is she talking about? Do people go around messing w/ babies??? Yawn. So done w/ her and the rest. She was funny for 5 mins. Now yesterday's news...,


hey no one is perfect! Im sure she will do fine...

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