Sherri Shepherd on Dancing With the Stars Elimination: Shocked!

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Sherri Shepherd, who was sent home on the Dancing With the Stars results show Tuesday in the most surprising elimination of the season, did not see it coming.

"She was crying pretty hard post show and everyone was hugging her," a studio source said, adding that Shepherd skipped the usual post-elimination interview.

"It's highly unusual for [the eliminated celebrity] to skip press, especially someone who seemed to have a good attitude like Sherri had on DWTS."

Sherri Shepherd on Dancing With the Stars

Sherri did go on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about it, calling the experience an “amazing adventure” and encouraging fans to challenge themselves.

"It was a very big surprise [to be eliminated]," Shepherd, in better spirits, told Kimmel. "Carrie Ann [Inaba] said she's never seen me so expressionless."

"I'm an actress, so that's almost like telling Gladys Knight she can't sing. As an actress, Carrie Ann's going to get me blacklisted," she joked.

“If you don’t go towards the thing you fear, you won’t be able to say you lived. I got voted off, I wanted the ride to continue, but I got to say, I did it.”

“It pushes you mentally and physically and it is a life-changing experience, I have to say,” Sheppard said. “So I have to say thank you, I am so grateful."

Good attitude. Sadly, someone has to go home each week, even if they've improved and showed promise. Did it deserve to be Sherri? Tell us below ...


Yes, our house appears to be the cool house too I came home from work the other day (DH gets our two boys off the scohol bus) to find SEVEN boys, aged 6-9 running around our back yard playing. I love it! My mom always told me, If all the kids want to be at your house, you'll always know what your kids are up to. I totally buy in to that theory and am fine with all the chaos. I already live with four boys (including DH & the dog), so my house has no hope of ever being clean and organized anyway! P.S. I love Elizabeth, and am the same way with playdates they're supposed to be fun, so I'm ok with the extra treats during those times.


She has a big annoying mouth., like her Big Annoying Body.


Although Sherri looked the most beautiful that I have ever seen her, ahe is not a really good dancer! When looking for an exceptional dancer you look for someone who is extremely graceful and very light on their feet and whose facial expressions, though expected to be "in character".....well most of the time she has very broad "stage acting" expressions that can sometimes come off as "mugging" or "Overacting" (which may be due to her great comedic abilities which do not always work well for dancing).


Sherri is not all that she thinks she is. She looks like a pear upside down and she thinks she has the body of a "diva"


Glad she's gone. Now lets vote "The View" off the air.


Now she can get back to the annoying show called the view. I can't believe that awful show is still on.


she seems so fake.

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