Shannen Says: Bridezilla Doherty Browbeats Kurt Iswarienko in New Reality Show

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Shannen Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko, her now-husband, star in the new WE reality show Shannen Says April 10. It might as well be called Shannen Wears the Pants.

The 40-year-old's new show documents her plan to walk down the aisle for the third time, during which she becomes a total bridezilla, to the surprise of no one.

Witness the sneak peek below, in which she bullies Iswarienko into abiding by her strict conditions, such as how Sundays are going to be spent in their house:

“I so can pull a wedding off in seven weeks, I have totally got this. And I have Kurt and he’s completely focused, so we’re good,” she tells the camera. Right.

During a lunch at Savory restaurant in Malibu, the couple has a heated argument over Kurt agreeing to play football with his friends that Sunday. The nerve.

“Please don’t bulls***t me, I hate it when you bulls***t me,” Shannon snaps at him. “A grown man just got peer-pressured into playing football.”

That comment finally forces Kurt to man up slightly, and say to her, “A grown man wants to play football, he wants to play football with his friends.”

Shannen’s response: “Guess what, you should have sex with your friend, you should live with your friend, you should have a full blown relationship."

“Just tell him that you can’t play, that we have other plans.”

Amazingly, these two actually did get married. Congrats?

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Actually as I watched the show I came to find that Shannen is a smart and creative woman, albeit opinionated and somewhat bossy (if she were a man would people see her in the same way, as Barbra Streisand often comments). However what does she see in Kurt? He comes off as a sweet soul, but not on the same plane if you know what I mean. Makes you think - is she looking for that gap? I hope he's a passionate lover, for her sake...


Poor guy....if he's that blind, I guess we don't have to be sorry for him, learn when you get burned, until the end of the year TOPS!!!


Wow, some of you people are very narrow sighted not to mention complete haters. shannen may have her moments but I'm sure Kurt does as well, in fact I'm pretty sure we all do. so who are you to judge. I've been watching the show and they both come across as a pretty normal couple in love. So get off the poor womans back. Let it go already. Oh and to the person writing this article. They had agreed that Sundays were family day...they agreed not Shannen demanded. Is she not allowed to get upset? she just lost her father and it that is important to her. It's obvious that of all of the clips you could have used you used this one so you could jump on the .... shannen's a bitch train, real original. I think I would like Shannen and I am a fan of her work. So stop hating.


I wonder how long this marriage is gonna last...LOL!!!!!


Shannen has always had a gap in her teeth, she did not have it done. It's cute.


What I want to know is, why did she purposefully get that GAP between her teeth? They looked fine


Just seen the first and last episode as far as I am concerned that guy should have ran not walk


I feel sorry for the guy


Not exactly a shocker that Shannen Doherty is a psycho hose beast. Nevertheless, people who watch reality shows will eat it up with a spoon...because they're too stupid to master a fork.


shannon rocks!

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