Secret Service Agents Dismissed in Colombia, Scandal Erupts Over Alleged Prostitution Use

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A dozen Secret Service agents have been removed from their posts in Colombia, U.S. officials confirm, following incidents of "misconduct" that sources say relate to at least one refusing to pay a prostitute for her services.

The agents were stationed in that country ahead of President Obama's arrival for the Summit of the Americas, which started today.

Obama and Agents

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan has not yet disclosed the nature of the allegations that resulted in replacing these agents with new ones, though insiders tell The Washington Post that at least one agent solicited a prostitute - the act is legal in certain Colombian areas - who then went to the police when she was not paid.

None of those relieved of duty was a member of the President's security detail.

Ronald Kessler, the author of "In the President's Service" and a former reporter for The Washington Post, told CBS News this represents "the biggest scandal in Secret Service history" and marks a "tremendous embarrassment to the U.S."


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Wake up Truth 2.0! Obama's Admin has been showing graff and corruption! If you choose to look away it's your choice. You're obviously part of that liberal faction that has that agenda of goal tending all the political blogs to needle those who do not share your view. What I wrote is true...about the Buffet Rule including him and Uncle George. I'm sorry you liberals desire to back them blindly. Not all of us agree with you and that's life! Clinton's Secret Service agents got in trouble because of the drinking that was going on. I think if the Admin is liberal some bureaucrats think they can get away with murder! The GSA scandal is disgusting! It's happened on B.O.'s watch! One of their big wigs will take the 5th on Monday. So there!
PS Obama is the divisive figure here! HE is dividing this a spade a spade.


What a load of disinformation you've posted. Attempting to turn things which are NOT partisan into a partisan issue is idiotic at best and despicable at worst. This incident has nothing to do with democratic or republican politics. Chances are that most of the men in that detail are right wing sympathizers. The president does not appoint them. You are part of the reason why the country is so polarized. You have an extreme agenda that you seek to push that has no regards for accuracy or truth. God help us all with liars like you there. You should be ashamed.


Good that they are finding this stuff out and doing something about it. I think Obama's Admin. may go down as one of the most crooked. The GSA spends our taxpayer money for a lavish gathering, then makes a video raggin' us about how they had bilked us out of the money....and the Hawaiian trip was a travesty as well. Guess they figure if the Buffet Rule is passed they can play recklessly with our tax dollars...Uncle Warren'll give 'em more and Uncle George Sorros, too. But the big deal is that once again we taxpayers who AREN'T billionaires are STUCK with the bill! This stuff just makes it all the more easier to vote Romney and NOT...LOOK...BACK!!

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