Seal: Gearing Up For Heidi Klum Divorce Battle?

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Seal has filed his response to Heidi Klum's divorce petition, and it looks like he's got a bone to pick regarding the couple's financial and custody situation.

Heidi claims there's a postnuptial agreement, which means there are no joint or community assets. But Seal's papers make no mention of the postnup.

How much is on the line? Heidi is worth an estimated $70 million. Seal is worth around $15 million. So potentially a lot, depending on how it's settled.

Heidi and Seal

Interestingly, Seal is asking for joint physical custody of their four kids, while Heidi wants primary physical custody, with Seal getting visitation rights.

Heidi almost always has the kids when Seal is away, and given that he's away a lot on tour, giving her primary physical custody seemed like a no-brainer.

She isn't trying to block him from visitation, either, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors, or when there are divorce lawyers involved.

Seal also wants the judge to deny spousal support to Heidi, and vice versa. Given both of their fortunes, it's likely neither is entitled to support.

As for the date of separation, Seal is non-committal. He says it hasn't been determined. Heidi claims the date of separation was January 19, 2012.

That's just two days before their surprising split became public.

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