Sarah Palin Today Show Ratings: Big!

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Infamous 2008 nemeses Katie Couric and Sarah Palin went head to head on the morning show circuit Tuesday, with Couric filling in on Good Morning America and Sarah guest hosting Today with Matt Lauer (after being interviewed by him one-on-one).

Bristol Palin predicted "a pretty big bump the ratings" for her mom. Was she right?

Palin and Couric

She was. Her mother's presence on yesterday's Today pushed the show's viewership up from Monday, to 5.5 million viewers, the early Nielsen stats show.

Couric, however, was hardly defeated, as GMA was up almost as much from Monday to Tuesday as Today was, inching closer to long-reigning Today even.

Basically, Palin's brief tenure as a member of the "lamestream media" was a successful one, while her least favorite interviewer performed well also.

The only true disappointment? No mention of Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby having a baby. Now that would've guaranteed some record ratings.

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Hey Verna Glenn you have described the republican conservatives to a tea. But instead of George Soros its the Koch brothers. They are the head of your party and doing the exact same thing which you are falsely accusing Soros of. Why dont you educate tourself a little. You sound like an idiot.


Looks like old Verna is a Fox news watcher. You know, the news channel that is banned in Canada for lies and propaganda.


What is scary is how many low information voters we have out there like Verna Glenn. That is why this country is in such a mess. And Alan, you say Palin can handle all things that are said about her? What a joke. She is the most vindictive person alive and has to get retribution for anyone she believes has wronged her. That is why she agreed to do Today to get even with Katie. Of course we knew Today would get higher ratings, but not much, mind you. Everyone loves a trainwreck. Call it morbid curiosity.


Jesus! Think of the hundreds of millions of $$$$$ George Sorros alone puts out to develop and support radical liberal groups that send their liberal goons out to do their dirty work! They even get paid to tend sites and intimidate those with conservative views. Did it in '08! Bet it'll be worse this year no doubt! Think Palin gets an unfair rap. Only shows that if you don't agree with the liberals? And you're a woman? They will persecute you if you who have different political views. They make it personal, nasty, and crude. Yet the same libby crowd likes to say they are definitely pro-woman! What bunk!


Palin did NOT give Today the big ratings boost needed. I would much rather see her debating on the Sunday morning shows, unscripted. That is something she has never done because she cannot go unscripted. All she is is a paid tool for the Koch brothers reading speeches someone else wrote for her. If questioned she does not know the answers. That is why all of her questions on Faux are pre sceened.


@Debra D. I agree with you. Sarah Palin is pleasant and conducts herself as a lady. She is also quite politically astute though the left wouldn't admit it in a million years! It's way too risky for them to admit the obvious due to the fact the Dems are courting the support of women voters.


yall ww aint no prize,then why yall wm putting they white d**ks in all those asian women like its goin' outta style lmfao! Ww,your heyday i think is up,just saying.Palin's 15 minutes is gone


Sarah Palin showed the class that Liberals never show. Great job Sarah in defeating Couric again.


Sarah is a phony conservative and i heard she screwed a shytskin


Watched the interview, and once again Sarah Palin is full of confidence and poise. She doesn't react to sharp remarks, she just continues to lead with a pleasant demeanor and attitude. Its so great to watch a beautiful, feminine woman stand for truth!

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