Sarah Palin Today Show Ratings: Big!

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Infamous 2008 nemeses Katie Couric and Sarah Palin went head to head on the morning show circuit Tuesday, with Couric filling in on Good Morning America and Sarah guest hosting Today with Matt Lauer (after being interviewed by him one-on-one).

Bristol Palin predicted "a pretty big bump the ratings" for her mom. Was she right?

Palin and Couric

She was. Her mother's presence on yesterday's Today pushed the show's viewership up from Monday, to 5.5 million viewers, the early Nielsen stats show.

Couric, however, was hardly defeated, as GMA was up almost as much from Monday to Tuesday as Today was, inching closer to long-reigning Today even.

Basically, Palin's brief tenure as a member of the "lamestream media" was a successful one, while her least favorite interviewer performed well also.

The only true disappointment? No mention of Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby having a baby. Now that would've guaranteed some record ratings.

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I apologize for inejtercting some defeatism during Palin's hope, but the past two presidencies squandered a total of four years to actually do something about the economic crisis. When they should have cut spending abroad and the federal work -force at home, they handed out golden parachutes to fellow tax parasites, both in the finance industry and with unionized labor either are basically run by government when you consider the unconstitutional federal legislation that created them. The corporatist coin is tails on both sides. I can assure you that the first president that does something meaningful will go down as the most hated in history, if s/he is not assassinated before finishing the term. The chances that Palin or any other candidate will be that president are zero.


Enough is enough about this sociopathic, greedy woman. Her time has passed. Move on.


I wouldnt call 23,000 big considering most were probably liberals tuning in for a good laugh.


Verna what about Breitbart. Did he not get paid to oppose the liberal view and then did he not ruin peoples lives due to his lies and re editing and reporting things out of context? Ask Shirley Sherod. thats all you see in the Breitbart blogs is smearing one that has a liberal point of view. I suggest you get yourself informed before posing such "bunk."


Hey everyone look who is back. It is RAM, Palin speechwriter and internet defender using the alias Verna Glenn. Did Palin finally retrieve you from under the bus?


Palin wins big? That is not what I read in different blogs. They said she failed to give the jolt needed. I watched for a little bit to see what her different side was. What different side? Same old annoying voice, same old critisism of our President.. Nothing new. She makes me ill. I had to swith the channel. And for the guy who said she can take critisism with a smile.. What? How about Letterman, Barbara Bush, Couric Ashley Judd, the Family guy, etc. Shes still the same mean and vindictive person that can dish it out but cant take it.


Then I guess Limbaugh must be a libby, eh Verna? It is apparent you know nothing of the Koch brothers who funded a multi million dollar smear campaign against Obama, helped organize the teabaggers and are the number one polluters in the world. And what about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Citizens United etc. and their radical right wing agendas? And Verna, you had better get out there and start looking for a job because the Greed Over People party is going to slash your Government controlled Medicare and Social Security. How will you be able to take your meds.


Verna is not only hooked on Faux but Rush as well.


Germantown explain to me how Palin is so politically astute. Come on Im listening.


Verna, right on with a few minor changes. Instead of Soros insert the Koch bros., and liberal insert conservative and for Palin insert Obama. that is the order. You hit the nail on the head Jack.

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