Sarah Palin on Today: Talking Politics, Getting Grilled By Matt Lauer

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Sarah Palin appeared on Today this morning, first as a guest and then as a co-host, in what was a mostly enjoyable stint on the NBC morning show institution.

Matt Lauer did ask her some tough questions, though nothing about how Levi Johnston got Sunny Oglesby pregnant. Hey, no journalist is perfect.

The mood was jovial as Palin opened with a story about a stranger who, when she was headed to NBC's 30 Rockefeller Plaza, said she knew Palin was Tina Fey.

Lauer’s interview with Palin about the Republican presidential race - voters in Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C. vote today - quickly turned more serious.

Her message: “Anybody but Obama will be so much better for our country,” and the experience level of  the winner's V.P. choice doesn't matter. Why?

Because no matter who it is, the 2008 nominee opines, “they’re gonna get clobbered by the lamestream media who does not like the conservative message.”

As Lauer then pointed out, though, Sarah Palin herself was about to become a card carrying member of the lamestream media for the next hour. Ziiiiing!

As co-host, Palin talked with Tori Spelling and experts on raising teenage daughters, weighed in on Oprah's mistakes with OWN and talked about the new "EnemyGraph" Facebook app, which allows you to create a list of enemies, not friends.

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Sure. Ain't a purty pickture she paints I used to look up to har but now i'd ruther kiss a cow she is deshonest deling her mind changus lak a camoleon ah am gonna vot for obamar causse she acts like a kid


Grilled by Matt Lauer? Give me a break! they were softball pre sceened questions. I'd like to see her do a press conference. It has never happened and never will. She ran for VP and never held one. Never did Face the Nation or Meet the Press..


I watched out of curiosity, cuz Katies on all week. What a boring show and what about a new side to dirty wig Sarah? I didnt see anything new. Same old stupid bashing our President. Its getting old just like her! OBAMA 2012 AND A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS! AND NO MORE PALIN!


The latest! Palin fails to give the Today show the jolt needed. I am through with NBC and you too Free Britany.


Sarah Palin brings home the reality, though Democrats are touting themselves as the party of women----that's ONLY women who hold the same ideology as theirs. Conservative women are referred to as c****s, b*tches, etc. No apologizes were offered by the liberal media on their attacks of Sarah's children...but oh my oh my, the media had to keep their hands off the Obama girls. Then there's Maher-- a total any females could sidle up to him and view him as a political comrade in arms is beside me. He's digusting regarding his comments about women! Matt Lauer is just a mouthpiece of the liberal agenda. Enough said.


Sarah Palin is a no it all- no nothing. She left Alaska in so much debt. I dont pay any attention to her. GARBAGE!! OBAMA 2012!! YES WE DID AND YES WE WILL DO IT AGAIN!!




damn u can have a enemy list on facebook... Thats a lil crazy! Another reason i dnt have one lol.... I lost the very little respect i had for her when she went after michelle obamas healthy incitive for kids by giving out cupcakes in front of her kids school. That and jan brewers book about obama has to be the pettiest things i have ever seen someone do. They both make women look bad!


i agree with u Lisa...she is a stupid phoney bitch


Anything on tv with her face on it, get's swiched. I cannot stand this phoney bitch.

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