Ryan Seacrest to Cover the Summer Olympics on NBC

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Will Ryan Seacrest be taking over for Matt Lauer on The Today Show?

The American Idol host addressed that rumor this morning... to Matt Lauer on The Today Show.

Ryan Seacrest on The Today Show

After joking about taking both Lauer's job and that of weatherman Al Roker, Seacrest revealed that, yes, he has signed a new deal with NBC Universal. But Lauer can rest easy.

"The plan is for me to join the NBC family and continue to have a role at the E! network," Ryan said. "The first assignment will be to join the prime time team for the Olympics on NBC."

From there, who knows. But one thing is certain: this appearance by Seacrest will garner far less criticism for The Today Show than yesterday's ratings stunt of having Sarah Palin co-host.


Let someone else have a chance.-!. Im tired of seeing and hearing this guys face.


ryan and men in speedo's,are you kidding. next ellen will be doing miss america.


The E network is awful. Will never watch anything to do with Seacrest. He has been on over-kill,same with his kartrashians! Quit watching the today show long ago. They always pay to interview the scum we don't want to see.


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