Rihanna on Coachella Pics: F--ks? Not Given!

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Rihanna doesn't care what you think ... on 4/20 or any other day.

That much has been made abundantly clear, but nevertheless, fans were surprised to see her upload Instagram photos that feature her sitting on top of a bald bodyguard's head, rolling what appears to be a cigar leaf full of marijuana.

Good times at Coachella, apparently:

Rihanna at Coachella

Risque Instagram pics are nothing new for her (see Rihanna topless self portraits from her Hawaiian vacation), but the weed-on-dude's-head pic raised eyebrows.

MTV tweeted a link to a story about how her "marijuana photos from Coachella sparked controversy," citing the above image and the implied marijuana use.

The 24-year-old singer took only 12 minutes to respond ...


It appears @rihanna got the better of this battle. MTV deleted its original tweet about her, then sent the singer another one shortly after, writing simply:

"Well played."


kudoz!I don't kudoz!I don't think it's good to use J.LO's name to advertise your music, but your song What I want man, get you a good rroced label which knows how to promote music, and I'm gon tell you What I want will hit the international music-charts this song is dangerous hit-material! Currently my 2nd fav song! Peace, VSfan88


living ur life,luv u my chic


Someone smoking weed at a music festival is hardly "NEWS"


She's not a mess shes 24 and has been under public scrutiny for years now.... Let her live her life.


I understand that with age comes growth and change in appearance etc, but damn - she's just become a mess! She's gotten wild, everything is over-sexualized, and there's just no sense of decency/modesty or self respect. Not trying to be judgmental at all cause obviously, I nor anyone else here knows her personally, but damn she really needs to clean up a little. I fear for her, she seem to be on the road of destruction.


i have never contributed to one of these online posts but here we go.... rihanna is sexy AF and i smoke weed every day. lets just throw that out there right now. I cannot believe that this girl has been named to be one of the most "influential" people of the year. its tendencies that you see here that will influence the children of our nation the most. And as for "not giving a f". cmon now. and for MTV to respond with "that was a good response" Cmon now! all thogether horrible influences for our nation


rea is a moron! Rihanna is famous worldwide loser!


She is a mess. No self respect. She wild out after that ass whooping. But America's children idolize her.


Who took the trash out?

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