Pippa Middleton Gun Photo: Real or Fake?

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It's all fun and games until someone pulls a piece on a paparazzo.

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    I will see pipa nacked


    days,the least of these being an individual with what appears to be a toy gun.,as well as the fact that this gentleman is not a celebrity, he has the right to his privacy and in no way gave permission to have his pic published at least i don't think he did., point being,its not that serious! We as a whole, have some serious issues going on and around our lives that need to be addressed, this not being one of these., if we arrest this gentleman, do we also arrest every child caught playing with it also? Reporters get back to real reporting,you've all been sitting things out too long!! (ending to comment below)


    why are people saying this is pointless news pippa was in the wrong so people like "FROGMORE" AND "EL ABOGADO" need to sort it out! Pippa middleton was laughing and smiling when he got the gun out... im sorry but thats disgusting and they should not call it a toy gun thats making it sound less harmful than what it acually is because it looks real so there for its a replica and anyone who has sence can see that she is being an accessory to gun crime by sitting there having a laugh.


    London had an intervention with Paris Police over the incident. There where meetings with them and then with the pap involved. Now it's being swept under the rug - Just the way the royals like it! Stupid Pippa, she should be smarter than this and choose her companions better.


    She should have more brains than that. She knew what was going on and deserves some sort of punishment. She's no damned angel that's for sure. Out husband hunting and going along with everything. Shame on these people.


    They keep saying it's a Pippa scandal when she isn't the one who has the weapon. For crying out loud, stop sensationalizing and report the truth. (As if that's going to happen from these rags anytime soon. pfffttt)


    Media is a dam hell isn't it? This is to make stories and sale them for huge amounts, This Pipa of yours do not wear a man's shirt in order to make a case as such on her name stupid media, all is the trouble of the crap paparazzi, Pipa do not has nothing to do with it, the pigs just use her name, what crap stories.

    Media has the capabilities to stress the Royals back in England for media crap fantasy news. You are all idiots to make news out of nothing.




    The photgo new it was a fake gun, and knew the group in the car, so it's not as "horrifying" as the mag would like everyone to believe. It's the Papps looking to get a big payday, for such a photo, and the driver of the car helping him out. Stupid story and Pippa should know better then to be involved with such childish behavior now that her sister is a royal..


    This person should be arrested and charged to the full exrent of the law. This is as bad as falsely yelling fire in a crowded theather.

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