Pippa Middleton Implicated in Gun-Wielding Scandal?!

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Pippa Middleton could face criminal charges after a male companion was reportedly caught brandishing a gun and allegedly pointing it at a photographer.

The younger sister of Kate Middleton was in the passenger seat of an Audi convertible with three male friends Sunday in Paris when all hell broke loose.

The driver allegedly reached for a semi-automatic gun and jokingly aimed it at a celebrity gossip photographer following them, London's The Sun reports.

Pip Pip Hoo-ray

The image, released to the Sun by the French photographer at whom the pistol was aimed, shows Middleton looking back at the paparazzo and grinning.

The paper reported that the Paris Judicial Police department is "poised" to launch a probe into the incident. Charges could result in prison sentences.

Even if the gun turns out to be a fake, criminal charges are possible.

"If the evidence points to her involvement, she will be prosecuted. Anybody involved in the illegal use of a handgun in public is liable to arrest," a source said.

The French photographer is still weighing whether to file a formal police complaint, the Sun's royal editor, Duncan Larcombe, confirmed this morning.

Middleton was reportedly in Paris to attend a costume birthday party at the Chez Raspoutine as a guest of fashion label owner Arthur de Soultrait Pari.

"Pippa is a party girl. She mixes now in very high society and they don't come very higher than this group of French aristocratic sons," the source said.

The gaffe is a rare misstep for Middleton, who was dubbed "Her Royal Hotness" and became a celebrity gossip magnet after last April's royal wedding.

It was revealed that lawyers for Middleton sent a cease-and-desist letter around to six media agencies that distribute paparazzi photographs worldwide.

The letter warned agencies that unless photographers stop following her, Pippa will pursue legal action, which could include an injunction and legal costs.

Just prior to the letter being sent, the picture editor for U.K.'s Daily Mail newspaper that 400 Pippa Middleton photos cross his desk every single day.

Some, in this case, that she would really prefer did not.

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To me, Prince William ended up with the much better sister...Kate. LOL!!!!!

Ms billie

Sounds like Pippa has some growing up to do and a better choice of friends. Everything she does or says reflects back on her sister even though Kate can't control her behavior, poor Kate. She may not have been the one to pull the gun but she's considered an accessory to the fact. It's the same as being in the car with someone who robs a bank you didn't do it but you are considered an accessory. Grow up Pippa your sister has enough to deal with already especially with dealing with crazy ass Camille.


1st off Sue she wasn't the one who had the gun so why the hate on her? Oh yes I guess it's called JELOUS MUCH
MARCIA, MARCIA, MARCIA-another hater


Lol guissseeeeee. BANG BANG!?


Sending a bad message. Who do you think you are girl? Oh yes, I guess because your sister is somebody now, you think you are.


Younger sister? She looks more like much older sister.
Bet she deserves everything they decide to throw at her.

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