Penn Jillette Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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Aubrey O'Day stole the show and Penn Jillette got the chop on Celebrity Apprentice last night, but at least various charities were the big winners all around.

This week, the teams had to design an in-store display for The Donald's new fragrance, named (obvi) "Success by Trump." Yes. The Donald has a fragrance.

Clay Aiken was project manager for Team Forte, and Aubrey for Team Unanimous.

Penn Jillette on Celebrity Apprentice

Aubrey and Arsenio Hall used the start of this task as a chance to bond. O'Day hopped on Arsenio to take pictures of New York's skyline for their display.

The mood shifted when Aubrey sent her team on mundane tasks, leaving her with total control, then called on Eric Trump to be a part of Unanimous' display.

In playing a young Donald Trump, Eric seemed flattered to have his modeling debut (hey, better than those hunting photos) but he questioned Aubrey's motives.

She came through, though. Team Unanimous won the task, earning Aubrey a total of $50,000 for GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Clay brought Penn and Dayana Mendoza back to the boardroom, where Penn's slogan - "you earned it" - earned him a ticket on the next flight home.

Did Donald make the right decision? Can Aubrey be stopped?


Penn was a good guy, but he deserved to go. He cost the team the win, and therefore, the right guy was fired. I was literally on the edge of my seat when The Donald almost fired Clay! I


It's too bad Penn was fired, he was a good guy. I guess it's not too surprising, since Celebrity Apprentice seems to favor the more vicious players, who attack the other contestants (E.g., Joan Rivers). based on this, I predict Trump will get it down to the two meanest players, Aubrey and Lisa.


Aubrey is some piece of work. She's insufferable! Lisa is not much better. What the heck is up with these contestents saving people who will be strong leaders???? GET THEM OUT OF YOUR WAY folks! It's not a good strategy to save these nasty mouth women because they are strong players. That should be reason enough to get them out of the way so you could win. DAH!
I'm sick and tired of the nasty, self-absorbed women meaning Lisa & Aubrey. What say you?


I agree, Aubrey's behavior on Celebrity Apprentice is despicable. She has to be the most self-absorbed, self-centered narcissistic person I've ever heard. Now grant you, there's nothing wrong with ambition and wanting to be the best; but when someone has to resort to demeaning condescending behavior towards others to achieve that; that's someone I definitely wouldn't care to do business with, not to mention having her in my life as a friend. I wouldn't trust her as far as I can see her. I'm also pissed that Arsenio & Teresa don't speak up to her; I'm sure they will have a lot to say once the show ends and they view the video and hear all the nasty, cruel things that she said. Aubrey get a clue, if you're gunning for a top position at Trump Enterprises; keep in mind that even the most cunning, ruthless business person wouldn't want to work with someone they can't trust and one who dogs them once they turn their back!


Aubrey O'Day is a self-inflated, egotistical, immature-as-a-school-girl-on-the-playground turncoat who needs to be put in timeout. As for her shared like w/Lisa, I think Lisa finds Aubrey attractive so she supports her. Sorry, Lisa, I don't think you have a chance with her ;)