Paul Teutul, Sr. Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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The eight remaining contestants on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice were assigned to build two original puppet characters for Jim Henson's Creature Shop last night.

The celebs had to perform with their creations at Henson's "Stuffed and Unstrung" live improv puppet show for adults ... but it was anything but kid-friendly.

At least behind the scenes. Paul Teutul, Sr. volunteered as project manager for Team Unanimous and Lisa Lampanelli stepped forward for Team Forte.

Paul Teutul, Sr. Photo

Meanwhile, the latest episode of drama between Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana Mendoza came when Lisa banned Miss Universe 2008 from the spotlight.

Dayana has developed a thicker skin and started to call out Lisa's mean, whiny behavior, but last night, she just couldn't take it after Lisa lashed out.

Clay Aiken suggested that Lisa is constantly intimidated by Dayana's beauty. Probably more or less true ... but in any case, they somehow won the task!

Paul decided to take Aubrey O'Day and Teresa Giuidice to the boardroom, but the girls put up a fight and ultimately, he was no match and got tossed.

Good decision? Bad call? Do you even know who Paul is? Discuss.


I used to think Lisa was pretty funny, but she's proven to be nothing more than an obnoxious individual...omg why hasn't she been fired...enough of her.


The thing is Clay was the one that suggested Dayana carry some box on or off stage and Lisa lost her bundle at Dayana yet again and then the fat cow puts on the crocodile tears when she realises noone is backing her up,she isn't as smart as she thinks she is or she'd realise refined people don't see her abuse of other human beings as acceptable behaviour I for one would never pay to see her,I'd pay people to throw rotten eggs at her, fingers crossed she gets the karma she deserves


That freaking ugly old bitch shouldn't be in the show at all. What a freaking & f***ing evil woman with no self-esteem. She should be in hell entertaining those satans. The other red head should be the queen of hell too. I don't what she claims .... she is just another smart ass woman with stupid ideas!!!!!!!! HELL BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is it necessary to give the show away in the title of the article every week??? some of us work Sunday nights and try to catch up later in the week. We don't need the show spoiled for us every single week.
You don't do this with any other show. wth.


I agree with Linda, Lisa Lampanelli is a very mean person and has no respect for anyone. However, I believe she reacts this way because she lacks self esteem and needs to be the center of attention. And of course, Dayana is definitely way more beautiful that Lisa; however, beauty is only skin deep and comes from within, which Lisa does not possess at all. I can not believe that Donald Trump let someone like her even be on the show. She is rude, abnoxious and just looks nasty. Her mouth is very foul and when others stand up to her she can't take it because she is a BIG BULLY!!!!!!!


Paul Sr. does not look healthy.He needs to see a doctor.He is aging so fast.....and he's young then Trump.
I think it was good for him to go home....and rest.


Yes I do know who Paul is? Why even put a question like that out there? I think it is wrong. I am a big fan of Paul Jr but your questions suggest Paul, Sr is a nobody!!! Check the ratings on the show!!! Off course there are people who don't know him, but some of the others aren't known either. I think it was a bad decision he was fired. It is a shame they couldn't have fired the meanest person ever, Lisa Lampanelli. She is down right rude.