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MTV had warned and even threatened to replace The Situation, who's currently in rehab for prescription drug addiction, more than once for excessive drinking.

According to sources cited by TMZ, producers from MTV and 495 Productions sat Situation (Mike Sorrentino) down initially while filming Season 2 back in 2010.

Even on a series revolving around insane partying and banging each other 24/7/365, they felt that Mike's drinking had become a problem for the show.

Mike The Situation Photo

Sitch promised to pull himself together, allegedly, but during Season 3, producers had to speak with him again, this time threatening to replace him.

Mike then showed promise in Italy during Season 4, but once the crew got back to the States for the just-completed Season 5, he was back to his old ways.

Possibly acting more erratic and ridiculous than ever, come to think of it.

This prompted another sit-down and another threat of recasting, but the message got through this time, as The Situation's in rehab and sobering up.

Of course, that now gives MTV and 495 a different problem, given that the premise of the show the cast's insane partying and banging of each other.

Hence the reports that Jersey Shore may be phasing out The Situation (and pregnant Snooki) in the coming season ... which the network has denied.

What do you think? Would you watch JS sans Snook & Sitch?


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Lindsay Lohan is taking a hiatus from the dating scene.

Probably for the best, as she gets her life back together in the crucial period following the end of her probation. She's in the clear, and on a roll, but let's face it, still has to convince people that she's got her $h!t together for reals here.

Lindsay Lohan, Blue Blazer

Focused on work now that she's free of legal woes for the first time in an eternity, Lohan has sworn off dating for the time being to make sure nothing gets in the way of her upcoming roles and upward career trajectory.

Looking to avoid any relationships or emotional attachments as she gets ready to shoot her Liz Taylor movie for Lifetime, Linds wants to devote all her spare time to reading the script, getting Liz's persona down pat and staying sharp.

A new relationship, sources say, can only impede that.

Lindsay believes she's had her fair share of intense relationships and she doesn't want anything to derail her comeback. Sorry guys ... or thank goodness. Your call.


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Former political figure Sarah Palin has signed up to co-host the Today show this week for some reason, NBC reports. She will do the honors tomorrow (Tuesday).

According to a message posted on the network’s official site, Palin, 48, is getting ready to “reveal a different side of her than you’ve seen before.”

What side could that be? Intelligence?

Sarah Palin in Alaska

The 2008 GOP V.P. nominee and Alaska Governor will, interestingly enough, be going up against Katie Couric, who's hosting Good Morning America all week.

Katie's now-infamous CBS News interview with Sarah during the '08 campaign was widely viewed as one of the turning points for the Republican's public image.

Or another case of the "gotcha" lame-stream media doing all it can to cut her down just 'cause she's conservative, if you believe Sarah's version of events.

Anyway, we'll be watching tomorrow! You?

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“Cuz I'm black bitch” - Rihanna.

We don't have much to add to the Rihanna photos you see here, other than that she just posted them on Instagram with the caption above.

Not sure what these have to do with her being black, but whatever floats the boat of Rihanna, a.k.a. "badgirlRiRi" in the Instagram universe.

Wouldn't "Cuz I'm bad" make the same point? Just curious. Anyway, enjoy the latest social media offering from the 24-year-old pop star ...

Rihanna InstaGram Photos

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Bruce Willis is a father once again.

The action star - who has three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore - welcomed another girl into the world yesterday, a rep for the actor tells People.

Emma Hemming and Bruce Willis Photo

His first with wife Emma Heming, Mabel Ray Willis weighed in at 9 lbs., 1 oz.

The Die Hard star and the designer/model, "are overjoyed about the newest member of their family. Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully," reports the rep.

The couple got married in March 2009 and we wish this expanded family nothing but the best!


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We were created in God's flesh, not humans, and their flesh shall nourish yours.

So states an eerie, unknown voice in the first official trailer for season five of True Blood.

The HBO thriller returns with new episodes this June, installments that will apparently feature some grave digging; some kissing; and at least one major explosion. All these scenes and more are featured in the following preview, which is also notable for who is NOT featured.

Might the character shot to conclude season four truly be dead? Watch the first footage from season five now, and then visit our friends at TV Fanatic to read through a series of True Blood spoilers/teaser for what's to come...

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Colin Farrell takes on the role made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall, in theaters August 3. The film is not being described as a remake by its producers, yet it obviously bears similarities to the early '90s hit.

The line between fantasy and reality gets blurred as the fate of one man's world hangs in the balance, with the search for the truth taking on new meaning with each passing instant after his experiment with the company Rekall ... like the original.

Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston and John Cho also star. Here's the trailer:

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Proving just how little NBC has worth watching these days, Donald Trump and Celebrity Apprentice were given a three-hour episode last night. Three.

Sad as that is, with over $1 million at stake for charity, the stakes were raised, things in the boardroom got quite heated and two people got the axe.

Debbie Gibson was the first of two casualties, taking the fall after the episode's initial task - to create and sell a "My New York" celebrity guidebook.

Debbie Gibson on Celebrity Apprentice

In the boardroom, the losing women brought out their manicured claws, and while Aubrey O'Day seemed like the obvious choice to get the boot, she was safe.

Thus, Debbie Gibson was fired.

Just when it seemed that things were about to simmer down, Trump pulled a fast one teamed up Teresa, Aubrey, Arsenio, Clay Aiken and Paul Teutul, Sr.

Up against them? Lou Ferrigno, Lisa, Dayana, Dee, and Penn Jillette. Arsenio and Lou took charge as project managers for the night's second challenge.

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Last night saw The Real Housewives of Atlanta griping, grousing, and falling asleep in their seats. Let's break down the drama, or lack thereof, in our THG's +/- recap!

Before we get to the event the ladies wished they'd brought their pillows to, let's start from the beginning. Kim and Cyndi meet for lunch to hash out this Africa mess.

Minus 15. I had hoped that last week's confrontation in the parking lot would have put the South Africa debacle to bed forever. No such luck.

Lunch is ... awkward.


Cyndi feels that they've never really been friends and don't know one another and since Kim seems to say whatever she wants, why can't Cynthia. Kim thinks that Cynthia is totally under NeNe's thumb.

So how did we get from that to hugging? I'm still not sure. Kim's a little afraid that Cynthia's going to whip out a friendship contract. Plus 5 because I can just picture it and that would have been funny. 

The ladies agree to double date with their husbands but Kim admits she doesn't mean a word of it and I can't believe that Cynthia does either. These two couples would have so much to talk about…NOT!

Meanwhile, NeNe's in LA rubbing elbows with the stars. "I could possibly be a Hollywood actress," she beams. Minus 8. NeNe works as a reality star but what kind of actress would she make? I don't really want to think about it. 

But apparently NeNe's thought a lot about it. She's aiming for an Oscar. Aren't we all? I'll give her a Plus 10 for all of that confidence. Talent? Well, that's another story.

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High drama on Khloe & Lamar this week, and for once, it wasn't even all contrived.

Yes, the Dallas Mavericks' trade for Lamar Odom might not go down as a brilliant move from a personnel standpoint, but it will always have this footnote:

It produced a genuine, unscripted reaction from a Kardashian. Well done, Dallas.

Fans of the couple (assuming there are some) have been looking forward to this episode since news of Lamar's trade broke. So let's recap it all ...

Khloe & Lamar Promo Pic

The NBA lockout is over! Bring on the massive paychecks! Plus 20!

Oh, and you might be traded, Lamar's agent says. Ouch. Minus 30.

"That stuff is more stressful than not playing basketball," Lamar says. "It's part of our business, but hopefully I can stay in L.A." Except that some reports suggested he had actually asked for the trade or was at least consulted all along. Minus 25.

"Our world can turn upside down," Khloé says of Lamar being dealt, which happens while she's on the plane to New York for "work." He gets traded to the New Orleans Hornets, a trade which is nullified, confusing everyone. Plus 15.

He's still getting traded like ASAP. Minus 10.

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