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We hope you are sitting down for this stunning piece of news: Forbes has ranked Kim Kardashian as the Most Overexposed celebrity in Hollywood.

Based on a survey conducted by Encino - a California-based E-Poll Research company - sixth-five percent of respondents said they believe this reality star is simply in the news too often, from headlines over her Kris Humphries divorce case to clearly photoshopped bikini photos that get plastered all over the Internet.

  • Kimberly Kardashian Picture
  • Khloe Kardashian in Las Vegas
  • Kourt Photograph

But there is good news for Kim: she isn't alone! The wooden pair of breasts is joined in the top 10 by sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Here's a look, along with percentage each star received in the poll:

  1. Kim Kardashian, 65%
  2. Lindsay Lohan, 64%
  3. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, 64%
  4. Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, 62%
  5. Paris Hilton, 60%
  6. Kate Gosselin, 57%
  7. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, 56%
  8. Kourtney Kardashian, 53%
  9. Levi Johnston, 51%
  10. Khloe Kardashian, 51%

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Carrie Underwood kicked off Sunday night's Academy of Country Music Awards with a big blast of rock 'n' roll, showing her vocal chops in belting out "Good Girl."

Her sexy black and magenta mini-dress was a nice touch too.

To those looking for a lot of traditional twang out of the country gala, Carrie's song was something of a warning shot ... this is 21st century country music.

The ACMs are very much a celebration of what the genre has become, with arena rockers (Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean) and a wave of 20-something upstarts incorporating different sounds into the genre (Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum).

See what you think of Carrie's performance below:

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Oprah Winfrey is OWNing up to her mistakes, if nothing else.

In a rare interview, Winfrey spoke with The Early Show on CBS about her problems with her network OWN, which has been plagued by poor results, internal upheaval, 30 layoffs (Rosie O'Donnell among them) and corporate restructuring.

Oprah admits that if she had to do it over again ...

"The idea of creating a network was something I wanted to do. Had I known it was this difficult, I might have done something else. I didn't think it was going to be easy, but if I knew then what I know now, I might have made different choices.

“If I were writing a book about it, I could call the book '101 Mistakes.'"

Winfrey compared launching the network when she did to “having the wedding when you know you're not ready" and that she was even warned about it.

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Scotty McCreery took home the Academy of Country Music Award last night for New Artist of the Year, proving once again that American Idol really does crank out successful musicians.

But can the young crooner fend off a challenge here from Luke Bryan? That singer is coming at Scotty hard in the following Fashion Face-Off, just one day after firing up the ACM crowd on stage with a rendition of "I Don't Want This Night to End," the second single off his 2011 album "Tailgates and Tanlines."

Two handsome young artists. One poll. One winner. You decide who it will be...

Fashion Face-Off!

Luke Bryan squares off here against Scotty McCreery. Which country crooner looks more handsome? View Poll »

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We really need your help, readers.

Two of THG's all-tie favorites walked the red carpet at last night's Academy of Country Music Awards, with both Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood striking beautiful poses on the red carpet.

Each would then go on to have huge evenings, with Underwood opening the ceremony (via a rendition of "Good Girl") and Swift taking home Entertainer of the Year AND receiving an award from First Lady Michelle Obama. Not shabby.

With all that in mind, there really is no wrong response to the following Fashion Face-Off. Still, one is needed. Compare, contrast and vote now:

Fashion Face-Off!

Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood? You must make a difficult selection in this ACM-based Fashion Face-Off. View Poll »

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The lawyer for Trayvon Martin's family is filing a formal request with the Justice Department, asking whether Florida prosecutors were negligent in not charging George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who killed him.

The Martin family wants to know why the Florida state attorney Norm Wolfinger allegedly overruled police who wanted to arrest Zimmerman on February 26.

Wolfinger stepped down from the case last month. Angela Corey, Wofinger's replacement has been re-interviewing witnesses and examining evidence.

Trayvon Martin, 17

The case sparked questions nationwide about whether race played a role in the killing, during which Zimmerman insisted he shot Martin in self-defense.

Zimmerman has said he was jumped and threatened in a Sanford, Fla., gated community, and that the attack by Trayvon Martin left him in fear for his life.

Zimmerman's brother said medical records would in fact prove that this was an act of self-defense, even if the police video doesn't show any obvious injuries.

Martin's relatives, including his brother, do not accept that story.

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Upon hearing that Octomom Nadya Suleman is going on welfare, it's safe to say that some members of the general public did not react sympathetically. 

We're talking about death threats against her here.

The mother of 14 has been receiving intense backlash from strangers since it was revealed that she would be receiving aid from the state of California.

Suleman, 36, is eligible for state aid because she earns less than $115,000 a year ... the estimated poverty line for a family of 15. Cue angry mobs ...


The single Suleman has received a large volume of telephone calls, emails and Facebook messages in the last 72 hours, their tone largely the same.

“Die b!tch. I’m not working for your f*%king kids, you’re the one that wanted them,” one blunt Facebook message directed at Octomom read.

She says she decided to seek help because she was “becoming totally destitute.” Not even an Octomom nude photo spread could pay the bills.

“I have to do what I have to do to take care of my family,” she said of her decision to bare all in order to make rent, “and I’m not ashamed.”

She will receive $2,000 a month from the state, to be used solely on food, and hopes to only rely on the assistance for a few months at most.

Sounds like wishful thinking, but here's hoping, Octo.


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Adam Levine and his girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna have broken up.

The Maroon 5 frontman and judge on The Voice has split from Vyalitsyna, also known as model Anne V., her rep confirmed exclusively to People today.

Vyalitsyna said in a statement:

"Adam and I have decided to separate in an amicable and supportive manner. We still love and respect each other as friends. I wish him all the best."

Adam Levine and Anne V

The Russian-born Vyalitsyna, 26, met Levine, 33, at the the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue release party in early 2010, where Maroon 5 was performing.

They were inseparable ever since - the Russian Vogue even featured Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna nude on its cover! - but things apparently unraveled.

Vyalitsyna has modeled in eight consecutive SI swimsuit issues, and Levine is enjoying a career high point at the moment, so they should both be okay.

Still, we're sorry to hear about this surprise celebrity breakup.


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In a casting move that is likely to stir up a bit of controversy, Ashton Kutcher will portray Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie.

The Two and a Half Men star will take on the iconic role of the Apple founder in Jobs, an independent film written by Matt Whiteley and directed by Joshua Michael Stern. It will begin shooting next month.

  • Ashton in NYC
  • R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Jobs passed away in October and is widely recognized as one of the finest, most innovative minds of our time.

Kutcher stars on a sitcom that revolves around penis jokes and has been in the news for the last year due to his own wandering unit and an affair with Sara Leal that led to his divorce from Demi Moore.

What do you think of Kutcher portraying Jobs on the big screen?


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It's sort of official: Jack and Jill is the worst movie ever made.

For the first time since its inception, The Razzie Awards - the anti-Oscars, previously held the evening before the Academy Awards - were held on April Fool's Day this year, dishonoring the lamest in cinema from 2011.

And Adam Sandler's pathetic comedy dominated the proceedings, winning every category for which it was nominated and taking home a total of 10 trophies. The previous record holder had been 2007's I Know Who Killed Me, which nabbed eight, including two for star Lindsay Lohan.

Here's a look at just how Jack and Jill/Sandler swept the competition:

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