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Reality star, fashion designer and best-selling novelist Lauren Conrad poses topless in the May issue of Glamour, revealing a beautiful body in white bikini bottoms. File this under:

  • Things You Didn't See Coming This Morning
  • Things That Should've Happened Years Ago

Ironically, Conrad admits she's normally shy about showing off her body, so much so that she doesn't even wear swimsuits to the beach. Modesty is overrated, LC:

Lauren Conrad Topless

"On the vacation to Cabo, I wore a bathing suit on the beach for the first time in years. Usually I'm just petrified," says the former star of The Hills.

"A couple of years ago someone zoomed in on my cellulite and it was so mean. I took it personally. I haven't worn a bathing suit in L.A. in years."

Although the California native and author of The Fame Game (on sale today) isn't planning a return to reality TV, she does spill some secrets about it:

"During shooting, the producers would send us quick texts telling us what to talk about ... They couldn't walk through the shot so they'd just text me, like, 'Hey, say something quick about this story line.' That's why we were always checking our phones!"

Surprisingly brilliant, Hills.

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Lara Flynn Boyle appears to have had some plastic surgery.

The 42-year-old, who found fame in the '90s series Twin Peaks, barely resembles the beautiful brunette actress who once stole the hearts of so many.

If you look at Lara Flynn Boyle's face, it looks like - though we can't prove this - to be reverting from many years of plumping and who knows what else:

  • Lara Flynn Boyle Photo
  • Lara Flynn Boyle Pic

"I suspect that she's either undergone corrective surgery to reverse some of the work she previously had performed, or has just plain allowed the plumping fillers to dissipate ... leaving her with sagging cheeks," said one plastic surgeon.

On the bright side, Lindsay Lohan's face looks downright natural now.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]

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Dear residents of Canada: We are very, very sorry.

Due to the popularity of The Real Housewives... franchise on Bravo, the Canadian network Slice will debut The Real Housewives of Vancouver tomorrow night, piggybacking on the ratings success of cat-fighting, table-flipping and script-reading in the United States.

Check out a trailer for the series below and then meet the cast:

Reiko MacKenzie: Married to a venture capitalist, has two children and a fleet of high-end cars that include a Ferraris 599 GTO and a 458 Italia valued together at $1 million.

Cristina Kiesel: A double divorcee, has visited over 30 countries in the last four years, considered the show's party gal.

Ronnie Seterdahl Negus: Owns four houses, side-by-side, in the same neighborhood; along with a yacht and a 200-acre vineyard; married with four children ranging in age from 5 to 23.

Jody Claman: Clothing store owner, single mom who refers to herself as “Martha Stewart on acid.”

Mary Zilba: A successful singer earlier in life, now a single mom with three children; former Miss Ohio; looking to return to the spotlight/business world.

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Maria Menounos and Derek Hough may not have turned in the best routine on Monday's Dancing With the Stars (Katherine Jenkins and William Levy both edged them on the scoreboard), or the most emotional (Donald Driver wins there).

Their rumba was hands down the steamiest, however.

Somewhere between rumba and racy, Maria and Derek ended up panting on the floor. The tandem may have shared more than choreography, or something:

It sure looked like they kissed, and let's face it, these two are a great fit for the obligatory DWTS dating rumor mill. Their physical chemistry is palpable.

Of course, Maria and Derek played it cool when chatting with Brooke Burke, opting not to answer the obvious question: Did they or didn't they kiss?

But will they stick around after tonight? That's a definite yes.

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Green Bay Packers star Donald Driver's tribute to a friend who died of cancer was one of the emotional high moments of Dancing With the Stars this week.

"I can never get it out of my mind," the NFL player said.

"He died right there in my arms. I grabbed his hand and all he could do is look up. He took another breath and that was it," he added, tearing up.

Like Katherine Jenkins' dance for her late father, Driver's effort with Peta Murgatroyd was somber, yet with ample energy and uplifting emotion:

He carried her across a fog-filled dance floor and began a deliberate series of interpretive dance moves, at one point on his knees as she fell into his arms.

Their routine concluded with Peta atop a staircase as if going toward the light. The judges expressed minor quibbles, but all praised Driver's performance.

With a strong 26 points, Donald and Peta ended the evening in sole possession of fourth place out of 11 pairings. They should be safe, don't you agree?

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Alec Baldwin turns 54 years old today, but he went ahead and gave himself an early birthday present over the weekend. The actor proposed to yoga guru Hilaria Thomas!

We send our very best to this newly-engaged couple, while also sending our birthday wishes to the Capital One spokesperson/Oscar nominee/unparalleled Saturday Night Live host/30 Rock star behind the Jack Donaghy quotes that crack us up on a weekly basis.

Perhaps we'll purchase a new tuxedo for Baldwin in honor of this occasion. After all, it's past 6 p.m. somewhere and what is he, a farmer?

Alec Baldwin on The Late Show

Other stars celebrating birthdays today include: Amanda Bynes (26), Jennie Garth (40), Picabo Street (41) and Eddie Murphy (51).

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Whoever Katherine Jenkins is, she's pretty awesome!

More than a few Dancing With the Stars viewers probably had that thought Monday, as the Welsh opera singer surged past the entire field - even Latin heart throb William Levy - to claim sole possession of first place again.

The theme of the night was the "Most Memorable Year" of the contestants' lives, and an emotional Jenkins, 31, dedicated her waltz to her late father.

She reeled in the big points, and stirred big emotions, as she and pro partner Mark Ballas, danced to Josh Groban’s song “To Where You Are.” Watch:

Her devotion and attention to detail - technical and emotional - was one of the highlights of the night by any measure.  “It was almost like you had two partners,” Carrie Ann Inaba said through tears. “Dad is definitely smiling.”

Anybody disagree? Didn't think so.

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First, Anchorman 2. Now, news of another classic comedy planning an upcoming sequel:

Peter Farrelly confirms to ComingSoon that he will direct Dumb and Dumber 2, a follow-up to the ridiculous, hilarious 1994 film that starred Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Both will return for the sequel, which Farrelly says starts shooting in September.

Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas

"We did not do Dumb and Dumberer," Farrelly is quick to say of the 2003 disaster. "That was a studio thing. So we've always wanted to do a sequel and finally Jim called up. Jeff always wanted to do it. We always wanted to do it."

No word yet on the plot for Dumb and Dumber 2, but let's all hope Harry and Lloyd can at least track down some pets whose heads don't fall off. Visit our friends at Movie Fanatic to relive the best Dumb and Dumber quotes and respond:

Are you excited for Dumb and Dumber 2?


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Just had William Levy the Mirror Ball now.

Okay, that is premature, with so many weeks to go on Dancing With the Stars. The Cuban soap star has already taken America by storm, though, and his salsa on last night's show made both the audience and the judges go wild.

Seriously. LEN was freaking out:

Levy and Katherine Jenkins may have been the least known DWTS cast members heading into the season, and also the two best dancers of the group.

William's skill was evident in the way he led Cheryl. Most of the other male contestants, even good ones like Jaleel White, are still guided by the pros.

The Cuban Brad Pitt, who ended up in sole possession of second place on last night's Dancing With the Stars scoreboard, will be very tough to beat.

Would you cast a vote for William and his good looks, smooth moves and compelling life story? Would you not? Tell us in the comments below ...

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It was quite a week for Dancing With the Stars' Jaleel White.

The actor got into a conversation so heated with his pro partner, Kym Johnson, that fellow cast members had to break it up, then turned in an emotional rumba for a respectable 25 points, then cried in a post-dance interview with Brooke Burke.

Mark Ballas and producers had to intervene after White "flipped out" on Kym during rehearsal, according to insiders, though it's unclear what prompted the altercation.

All we know is they rebounded nicely:

Jaleel and Kym's score wasn't among the leaders, but they should be safe this week after the routine, in which the Family Matters star channeled his inner Steve Urkel.

Or Stephon Urquelle, Urkel's smooth-talking, non-geek alter ego, as it were. Watch him tear up when asked about bringing back the famous character backstage:

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