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British boy band The Wanted performed on The Voice, and didn't hesitate to describe one of the less fun aspects of that experience in an interview.

That being Christina Aguilera.

The judge "is a total bitch," the band's Tony Parker ranted to Now FM, in an interview that has since been yanked from YouTube. He continues:

"She might not be a total bitch in real life, but to us, she was a total bitch ... she just sat there and didn't speak to us. Wouldn't even look at us."

Wanted CA

"She was quite rude," Siva Kaneswaran (second from right), added, backing up the claim by Parker (second from left). "I mean, Who does that?"

Max George (middle) chimed in, "She was a bit scary, to be honest."

When asked to compare their time on The Voice with their recent appearance on American Idol, George said, "J. Lo's hot, Christina's nothing special."

The Wanted performed on The Voice the same night Justin Bieber showed up to debut a preview of his "Boyfriend" video, and said that Aguilera was equally cold to the "Baby" crooner, making a weird face as Bieber went in for a hug.

Aguilera, for her part, denies she snubbed anyone: "Haha," she tweeted. "Can't a girl have a little Bieber Fever after getting kissed by the Biebs?"

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There is currently no law that says you have to hand over a foul to a nearby toddler who was also reaching for it and cries as a result ... but come on, guys.

At the Rangers-Yankees game Wednesday night, a couple was so stoked to have caught one, they not only didn't give the thing up, they openly celebrated and preened for the cameras with the ball as the youngster bawled nearby:

This earned them a tongue-lashing from Yankee broadcaster Michael Kay, and landed the three-year-old and his parents on Good Morning America (above).

Luckily for our little buddy, the Rangers are giving him a ball signed by the ENTIRE TEAM. Class move by Texas and not a bad consolation prize for the kid.

Sean Leonard and Shannon Moore, on the other hand, have been castigated by the media - and want an apology from Kay, who led the charge.

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Selena Gomez. In many ways, she's just like your regular 19-year old, horsing around with pals during the weekend, baking cupcakes, having a blast.

In other ways, well, she's a tad bit different. And not just because a kiss with her boyfriend at the Lakers game becomes national news the following day.

Also because she's about to launch her very first perfume, simply titled "Selena Gomez," and she stars in the first promotional ad for it. The first mature, sexy promotional ad for it, we should say. See for yourself:

Selena Gomez Fragrance Ad

The perfume will be available exclusively at Macy's next month, retailing in different sizes for $35, $45 and $55. Think you'll pick up a bottle?

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Karla Vanessa Perez, a Mexican woman already nicknamed NuevaMom by TMZ and other celebrity gossip sites, is reportedly pregnant with nine kids! NINE!

That puts Octomom to shame! Or at least beats her by one embryo.

Perez is a month away from giving birth to six girls and three boys. Like Nadya Suleman, fertility treatments led to her record-breaking multiple pregnancy.


This is not Perez. It's Octomom photoshopped in front of a Mexican flag.

Perez confirmed the news to Mexico's Notimex news agency, saying, "It's very early to think of names for the babies ... first I hope that everything goes well."

We hope so too ... during the pregnancy and afterward. In Octomom's case, it has not, judging by the fact that she's now on welfare and may lose her kids.

No word yet if NuevaMom is also unmarried, with six offspring already, financially insolvent to the point where her kids have to poop outside, and/or insane.

UPDATE: She may be a fraud, according to TMZ.

Univision claims it has information that could prove Perez isn't really pregnant at all ... A reporter spoke with a Mexican doctor who performed an ultrasound on NuevaMom and determined her uterus was "empty."

The doctor told a reporter she is unaware of other ultrasounds and is trying to find out who told Karla she was even pregnant in the first place.

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WARNING: Adult content ahead...

Brian McKnight appears to have a major hit on his hands, but it's not one you'll be hearing on any Top 40 countdown any time soon.

The singer released a YouTube video this week of himself inside a studio, recording a track titled "If You're Ready to Learn" that includes the lyric: "Let me show you how your pussy works." You really need to listen to it for yourself:

Since going viral, the song has attracted the attention of many adult film company, and McKnight has been invited to perform it live at the AVN Awards, commonly referred to as the Oscars of Porn.

"I don't know what specifically I will do with this track in the future," McKnight told TMZ. "And I don't see myself ever performing it live, but I am flattered that people have embraced it and are having as much fun with it as I am."

Look for "If You're Ready to Learn" to be available on iTunes next week.

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Elise Testone didn't see it coming.

The 28-year old crooner told reporters, soon after her elimination from American Idol last night, that she felt "completely successful... in every aspect" with her rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Bold as Love" and was surprised when she heard her name called by Ryan Seacrest.

Still: "I accepted what happened to me as soon as it happened,” she said. “I just thought, ‘What’s next? What am I going to do now?’”

But while Testone looks to the future, she does have something to say about the past; namely, the judges' critiques.

"Some things [the judges] say don't line up with what I feel I've learned on my own," Testone said. "I don't always feel like [their feedback] was helpful. I'm not saying I'm the best. I don't think for the most part it always made sense."

Fair enough. And what does she have planned next?

"I'm going to reach out to everyone. [Queen's] Brian May and I are pretty much best friends now, so we're going to hang out. Ellen [DeGeneres], we're pretty much homegirls. I haven't met her yet, but she tweeted me and said she loves me."

What do you think, Idol viewers? Do you agree with Elise's ousting?


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Lady Gaga is under fire in Korea - and not even from the Northern half.

Christian groups in South Korea called on Friday for the pop star to cancel her concert there, saying it's "pornographic" and pro-homosexuality.

South Korea's government has already bowed to public pressure and banned people under 18 from attending, but certain protesters said that was not enough.

Hot Lady Gaga Shot

"Even adults can't see her performance which is too homosexual and pornographic," said Rev. Yoon Jung-hoon, organizer of "Civilians Network against the Lady Gaga Concert."

"Some people can simply accept this as another culture but its impact is huge beyond art and debases religions."

The singer's hit song "Born This Way" celebrates the empowerment of gay men and women, something that many in South Korea, which is the second most Christian country in Asia after the Philippines, say is an immoral lifestyle.

No word if they've even heard the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumor.

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An attempt at a kind gesture turned very scary for Demi Lovato in Paraguay last night, as the singer was forced to leave the stage and put a halt to her concert when fans leaped up and tried to embrace her.

The 19-year old initially tried to give fans a better seat, only for attendees to get carried away and actually jump on stage. Security intervened. Demi walked away. Order was restored and she eventually returned to finish the set.

But it's easy to imagine just how frightening it can be to see an influx of hyper strangers heading your way. Watch it all unfold now:

Earlier today, a series of Demi Lovato tour dates around the U.S. were unveiled. Click on the preceding link and find out when she'll be singing at a locale near you!

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Must be Friday. Chris Brown is stirring up controversy once again, but no pop singers or plate glass windows were bashed beyond recognition this time.

This time, he's not in trouble with the law though. It's just his apparent side business breeding dogs and selling them for profit that has people riled up.

The R&B superstar is drawing heat from animal-rights activists, obviously, who want him instead to promote adoptions of animals from shelters.

Chris Brown, Dog

On Monday, Brown's manager-mother, Joyce Hawkins, posted a link on her Twitter to CB Breeds, a website featuring this cute photo of her son and a pup.

CB Breeds is offering seven fully vaccinated American pit bull terrier pups for $1,000 a piece. Needless to say, the alleged puppy mill drew howls of protest.

While CB is a perfectly legitimate enterprise, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was quick to issue a statement condemning him:

"This is a moneymaking scheme, and Brown will count the suckers who fall for it as he counts the money on the way to the bank," PETA said.

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To borrow a line from a certain supermarket tabloid: Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, they're just like us!

Earlier this week, the singing superstars took a break from touring and recording to simply hang out like a couple of regular pals. They played guitar, they baked cupcakes and they shared their day with fans on Instagram:

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Pic

"Because you need a best friend [that] sings beautifully, another best friend to dance with you and another to listen," Gomez wrote along with the photos. "Oh and cupcakes. . .Cupcakes!"

Last year, Selena shared a story with Ryan Seacrest about how Swift showed up at her house with junk food and made her feel better about a big break-up.

"I feel very lucky to have her in my life," Selena said of Taylor.

While she and her famous BFF were chilling, meanwhile, boyfriend Justin Bieber was overseas talking about his penis.

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