Ozzie Guillen, Miami Marlins Manager, Apologizes For Praise of Fidel Castro

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Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is under fire over comments published last week in which he appeared to express his love for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

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    I am from vancouver,canada and wanted to comment on the five game suspension of Ozzie Guillen.He got nothing to apologize for.It is the U.S. gov. that should be apologizing to the american people for not letting them travel to Cuba.All people in the USA should support Ozzie Guillen.In Cuba there is free education and free medical services for the people there.Students from the USA go to Cuba to get a university education free of charge.You can't do that in the USA.With regard to the U.S.gov.You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time.It seems that Ozzie Guillen wasn't dummed down by the U.S.gov.Keep up the good work Ozzie.


    u dnt say that when u play for a miami team... At least not if u wnt a fan base... But i dnt think he should have gotten a suspension. That does kind of infringe on his freedom of speech. But no matter he shouldnt have said it.


    Coming from a Cuban: Grow up Cubans. Not by age yet Maturity. Ozzie Guillen can speak his mind. Stop living in your past. You should be beyond Castro, you left right? Don't be a bad ex bf/gf. Move on with your life.


    Why can someone call me a narrow minded Christian bigot but I can't call them a fucking faggot???


    Yes freedom of speech but its a fucked up comment. You would not go to boca raton florida and say to jews "oh i love hitler"


    Fire guillen


    wtf is wrong w america? appology for liking smt.. hello, its freedom of speach people!!! even if its fucked up one. doesnt sound very democratic of me, if u cant speak ur mind!!


    Don't be to hard on Ozzie. Save it for the end of the season because he will stick his foot in his mouth many times before then.


    Think before you speak. If you love Fidel then go to Cuba and starve with the rest of the citizens.50 some years of torture, murder and oppression. Put that in your baseball cap Ozzie.

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