Octomom: Should Her Kids Be Taken Away?

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Should Octomom Nadya Suleman have custody of her 14 kids transferred to local officials? She's clearly in way over her head, and currently under investigation by DCFS over the horrendous living conditions in her La Habra, Calif., residence.

This has renewed debate over what is in the children's best interest.

Octo Mom

Octomom's hairstylist, Stephanie, called the cops on her after laying eyes on the squalor - one working toilet, graffiti, malnourished and unclean bodies - first hand.

DCFS officials are deciding what to do with the children, though Orange County police said Wednesday that no criminal investigation against Nadya is pending.

Cops who conducted preliminary interviews at the home said “no crimes were noticed,” but that doesn't mean she can't - and shouldn't - give up her brood.

Sad as it is, if kids are defecating outside, sleeping on floors and getting locked in rooms while Nadya Suleman does chores, would they be better off elsewhere?

No one wants a family to be broken up, but she's not doing those kids - or taxpayers - any favors right now. Tell us: Should Octomom's kids be taken away?


Even though I firmly believe that children should be with their natural mother, unfortunately there is nothing natural about her... these kids were used as puppets to acquire fame and fortune, both of which have alluded this crazy selfish woman. Getting a $600 haircut when you have 14 kids and are on welfare is unconscionable, selfish, and irresponsible. Theses cute children deserve a chance, and the only chance they have is to have no contact with them, she doesn't want them... I say take them. Take them far, far, away.


I also heard that the hair-do cost over 500.00. She is on welfare and getting a 500.00 haircut?!?!


We all saw this coming from the get go, it was all just a matter of time. These kids have to have a chance, do it now already.


Ocotomom. Look like she need a big break. The dark circles around her eyes are profound.


These doctors who "helped" her with the 14 kids should get to HELP her with their care. I have had a doctor deny me birth control pills because of my age (even though I said that I was aware of the risk and would sign off on it) - how is it any different for their moral code to totally mess up these children's lives. I don't care if she's married like the Duggars or not --this many kids do not have a normal, happy, well-adjusted life....


I think the woman obviously need help & some type of supervision from DCF officials. No disrespect intended, but she doesn't appear to be that intelligent or have much common sense, (or she wouldn't be in this situation with the poor kids) I hope they observe her parenting practices & or give her some much-needed assistance. What a mess!!


I dont know that they should be taken away but something does need to be done. One adult cant watch, feed, wash and clean up after 14 kids alone. She needs some kind of help for the sake of the kids. She made her bed but its the kids laying in it.


No, don't take away her kids. MrNiceGuy is right. Octomom is merely in the spotlight. Her kids' booboos, snivels, and messes are no different than those in any other American household.


Why don't you go after any housing project in urban America and see how some kids exist there?

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