Octomom: Should Her Kids Be Taken Away?

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Should Octomom Nadya Suleman have custody of her 14 kids transferred to local officials? She's clearly in way over her head, and currently under investigation by DCFS over the horrendous living conditions in her La Habra, Calif., residence.

This has renewed debate over what is in the children's best interest.

Octo Mom

Octomom's hairstylist, Stephanie, called the cops on her after laying eyes on the squalor - one working toilet, graffiti, malnourished and unclean bodies - first hand.

DCFS officials are deciding what to do with the children, though Orange County police said Wednesday that no criminal investigation against Nadya is pending.

Cops who conducted preliminary interviews at the home said “no crimes were noticed,” but that doesn't mean she can't - and shouldn't - give up her brood.

Sad as it is, if kids are defecating outside, sleeping on floors and getting locked in rooms while Nadya Suleman does chores, would they be better off elsewhere?

No one wants a family to be broken up, but she's not doing those kids - or taxpayers - any favors right now. Tell us: Should Octomom's kids be taken away?

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Everyone knows this women needs help and no one is helping her why?? is it more interesting to laugh at her and her poor children than help them why won't someone step in and help this stupid women First Offer her conditions. like we will help you with a house,food,nannies,school if you if you do councling!!! Save the children they need to have a future right now they are just being laughed at because of her. they need to be taken care of by society not disregarded.


NO she should take care of her own kids. Let her pay for her own mistakes.


For Social Services to give her some help is certainly less costly to taxpayers than for them to take the kids away....anybody want to do the math on what it would cost to put 14 kids into foster care? Holy Moly Batman, I need a bigger calculator. Food Stamps and some day-care help seems much more sensible. Oh and fix the other toilet for Pete's sake!!!


Women raise 14 child along. I think unitedstate on crack. God created man an women. read book geneis book in bible. women was in danger has 14 alone. that is embarrassmen men feel is need mate. money talk leave alone.


This woman obviously needs help in more ways than one.


i recently learned about all of the abuse and neglect going on in foster care in america. If they give the foster parents $, why not hire people to be in that home helping her? If she doesnt like it, force her to accept help. Cps is also responsible for harming children. So she should keep them and get help. What she did was really, really stupid. People should not be allowed to be implanted with sperm! We are already overpopulated. Thanks to illegal immigrants and welfare abusers...


Being poor doesn't mean you are a bad parent. There must be all kinds of groups and organizations that can help her and she needs to apply for aid. Do I think having this many children is okay? NO... most people that are married and have good pays coming in know when to stop. It's such a shame for her and these kids. I think she really needs some therapy.


I really don't feel bad for her. After her first 5 children, she should have stop, its freaking hard, u just can't be popping babies out like ur a rabbit. On the other hand, taking her children isn't the best idea because no foster care takes in 14 children and I would hate to see those children split up. I agree she needs parenting class, and will need to learn how to cut back on things. U aren't a celebrity, u don't need a f-ing stylist, u can't afford a stylist first off, and like I said before, ponytail holders are $1, thats all u need for your hair. Be a parent first!


Maybe she should take parenting classes. It's gotta be difficult with that many children, and if she doesn't know how to parent - she certainly can't parent fourteen kids. I hate the situation and wish those kids well.


should her kids be taken away? not necessarily but here in Michigan it's against the law to have kids in a home without plumbing or electricity..seems other states are more lenient. What's it going to take a child of her getting injured to get help. A friend of mines daughter has 7 kids...couple of them are adhd and bipolar. My friend lives with her to help , otherwise the house is beyond clean etc...My mom told me growing up...unless willing to commit your life for 18 plus yrs to a child...don't have one. I had to work 53 hrs a week to take care of my kids and I was married. I had to get $9 haircuts if I could afford them that month..wore second hand clothes...but my kids were taken care of.

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