Nicki Minaj to Twitter: Good F-cking Bye!

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Twitter, you no longer have Nicki Minaj to kick around.

On Sunday, following an exchange with a fansite that leaked one of her singles online, the hip hop star shut down her account with a very simple message: Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f-cking bye."

Nicki Minaj in London

Minaj had been one of the most popular celebrities on Twitter, amassing more followers than Oprah.

With this move, though, she's only the latest in a long line of stars to at least take a break from that online world. Chris Brown has deleted his account on more than one occasion, while John Mayer, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have all dropped out here and there, as well.

All eventually returned, however. Will Nicki do the same? Only time, and fan pressure, will tell!



Maybe she will return, or maybe she wont....why does it matter so much?? Stop pressuring the gurl like seriously, smh


So what who cares


Gods judgement is the only one I would worry about he made all of us different and Nikki is unique and different that's what has made her successful so don't hate... let her live her life hell it works for her so who cares if you like it or not! Do you


I agree 100% with Jimmy T. Nicki Minaj is nothing but a sk**k. No talent anyway, who in the world buys her music?


Nicki Minaj is a clown and a pig. The fact that she is wealthy and famous only shows how low America has sunk in its musical "taste" and hero worship. With her ridiculous costumes and her over-inflated breasts bouncing out of her clothing on a regular and probably planned basis, she has achieved a new low on the public stage. It is truly amazing and sickening what people are willing to pay for and popularize. I find her totally disgusting.

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