Nicki Minaj to Twitter: Good F-cking Bye!

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Twitter, you no longer have Nicki Minaj to kick around.

On Sunday, following an exchange with a fansite that leaked one of her singles online, the hip hop star shut down her account with a very simple message: Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f-cking bye."

Nicki Minaj in London

Minaj had been one of the most popular celebrities on Twitter, amassing more followers than Oprah.

With this move, though, she's only the latest in a long line of stars to at least take a break from that online world. Chris Brown has deleted his account on more than one occasion, while John Mayer, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have all dropped out here and there, as well.

All eventually returned, however. Will Nicki do the same? Only time, and fan pressure, will tell!



Roxie - Who made you the Opinion Police here? We're expressing opinions, just like you are, and we all have every right to do so.


First of all, who cares. Secondly, she's not all that. She doesn't have her own style but copies a compendium of other successful celebrities like Madonna and Lady Gaga. Get your own gig girl.


baby pls come back i love you nicki


I absolutely lovee nicki minaj she is my role model as a child......
i dont like it when ppl talk about her because it makes me feel sooo badly.for all of the ppl that leave rude comments. you guys are a piece of seriously how old are you guys you sound like some fuckin jealous need to get to know her before you judge beccause she is someone under all of her fame!!!!!!.


her life is her life


The difference between you guys (haters) and her is that she has class and you don't.


Why must y'all hate she wears what makes her happy she's a very beautiful woman and role model. Atleast she's doing things with her life and giving back to her community.atleast she's not out here doing drugs parting showing her pussy and ass like other celebs!!she never once got anything handed to her she works hard for her money!! If you don't like her and have lifes and your adults why waste your time looking and leaving rude comments on her shit??GROW UP CHILDREN HATIN ASS WANNA BE'S GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER B4 YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT A BITCH!!!!


she reminds me of a chicken.


Nikki and lady gaga are the most disgusting dressing people in the world , they make your eyes hurt ,I turn away from them where ever they pop up, never seen people spend their time making themselves look so stupid.


Jimmy T puts it all in a nutshell.
She is nothing.

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