New Kendall Jenner Bikini Pics: Full of Flavor

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Kendall Jenner is rocking a bikini yet again.

The 16-year old half-sister of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian came under a bit of fire for going too risque in one of these bathing suits back in 2010.

But it's two years later and Kendall is proud of the photos displayed in the latest issue of Flavor, which is apparently a fashion magazine.

"It is such an amazing honor to be featured," Jenner wrote of the spread in her official blog, adding that Sinisha Nisevic snapped the pics and they were taken on James Goldstein's property.

Kendall Jenner in a Bikini
Kendall Jenner for Flavor
Kendall Jenner Bikini Picture

Surprisingly, Kim had something positive to say about the images, too. She blogged on Friday:

"They are soooo beautiful. I love the whole look with the slicked back hair, the gorgeous swimwear and the incredible views from the Goldstein House. So proud of you, Kendall!"


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She looks like she is 25y. aNd these people are surprise that weirdoes would be after them and others don't respect them at all. What's next a sex tape like big sis - one way to become famous.!! Thes people will stop at nothing, every day there is something said or done in mags, shows, Internet about them and that is what it is about, face on, face on, face on somewhere so people get curious and watch the KarTRashians and the best is they are not even ashamed of their behavior and their tricks to get people hooked. TOo bad that so many are not going to get fooled anymore. Just go away KarTrashians all of you. Mb


She's just a child. Getting paid to show her little body, calling herself a model, no doubt.


Surprise surprise. The mom is selling out another of her daughters. More trash on the way.


Your pretty and amazingly sexy and beautiful omg I love you!!!!!!!


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