New Cosmopolis Trailer: I Smell Sex All Over You

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Warning, Twihards: Robert Pattinson does not shimmer in his upcoming movie, Cosmopolis.

But he does cruise around Manhattan in a limousine, encountering various people along the way played by such major names as Paul Giamatti and Juliette Binoche.

An eccentric, intense millionaire named Eric Packer, Pattinson anchors the film, which is based on a novel by Don DeLillo and which is as significant a departure from the role of Edward Cullen we can imagine.

Following the release of a brief, 30-second Cosmopolis teaser last month, the first trailer for the drama has hit the Internet and it's worth a viewing for any Pattinson fan. How come? Consider the following line, uttered at the actor's character:

I smell sex all over you.


i like robert for kristen because i am there number 1 fan especially there team up in twilight. how sad that they've been not together now. hope that there next movie for twilight still have a hoity toity factor between them. goodluck guys and i will wait for your next movie. cant wait to watch it.


The trailer is awesome. He also looks good in Bel Ami! Rob has certainly grown as an actor. By the way, Dan Radcliffe was really good in his first non Harry Potter film, "The Woman in Black." It will be out on DVD May 22.


I loved him as Edward. He sort of looks like a villain in this-a definite bad boy-its great for him to depart from the image of Edward-it will be hard for me to see him in a darker role-we shall see-he's so talented and his fans need to grow with him-but it kind of like Harry Potter-I'll always hold the role of Harry in my heart -haven't seen Daniel in anything else yet-but am anxious to watch his newest movies-I will watch this one-and hopefully fall in love with his new character(s) just like I did his character Edward. Talented and beautiful soul -and seems like a really great person too-doesnt seem like a drug man in real life if that is waht above post implies-I think they meant this movie-


Looks amazing!!! Pattinson is so hot.


Pattinson+Cronenberg= Awsome! The trailer is mindblowing! I can't wait for BD2, too!


u seem lake a drug man in real life, but u r sooo hot in twillight! still stupid

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