Nadya Suleman: Under Investigation By DCFS Over "Horrendous" Living Conditions

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Octomom Nadya Suleman is under investigation by the La Habra (Calif.) Police Department and the Orange County Department of Children and Family Services after her stylist filed a complaint about the abhorrent living conditions at her house.

Her hairstylist, Stephanie, called the cops on her Tuesday.

According to Steph, Nadya and her 14 kids live in squalor, using only one working toilet, appearing malnourished and generally unclean, getting locked in the bedroom while Octomom does stuff, and surrounded by filth at every turn.

Octo Nadya Suleman Picture

When a police and three DCFS workers arrived yesterday, you can actually hear Octomom tell them, "Excuse the graffiti" in a video posted on TMZ.

The authorities stayed 90 minutes and left. They determined the kids were not in danger so they weren't removed, but the investigation continues.

Photos of the scene confirmed Stephanie's claims, as one pic shows two kids clearly defecating into a portable training toilet ... in the backyard.

Another picture shows Nadya Suleman with her hair having just been done, and having propped up a chair against the door to keep her offspring out.

Yet another pic shows the children's bedroom, with two cribs and a mattress. Stephanie said some of the 14 kids are forced to sleep on the floor.

Some of the kids are also shown in the backyard, barefoot, neglected, dirty and wearing no pants. Boys are wearing girls' clothes in some cases.

Stephanie said of blowing the whistle, "The kids are in desperate need of help, and I tried to help and she's not open to anyone helping her."

Octomom recently went on welfare to help feed her brood, a decision that was greeted with death threats and vandalism from angry neighbors.

With 14 mouths to feed and Octomom nude pics not commanding the cash they once would have, she's constantly swimming upstream.

Has the time come for the children to live elsewhere? Discuss.

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I find it sad that people can complain about her but clearly not help. Like all single parents it is hard. NO, she should not of pushed the children out but where are those who promised to help? Why don't her friends take a child or two and take them shopping, even at the thrift store and purchase some clothes? Everyone finds a reason to bitch but no reasons to help. Take over some snacks, hamburger helper is a great meal stretcher and it would only cost about 15 dollars for that and a nice little salad. Chip in and help people.


Octo-Mom is clearly need of some serious counseling. Anyone who elects to have 14 children should/did know that it costs a lot of $ to raise a child-let alone 14.
It appears that her thinking disorder was aided and abetted as well. They should be held accountable for indulging a mentally ill woman.
I'd also like to know where she got the money for all of the IVs and plastic surgery.


@ Nancy....YOU need a reality check!!


Why isn't the doctor who went through with this helping to support those kids. Seems he should be responsible for some of this. If you can't feed children you shouldn't be having them. That isn't just for her it's for everyone. Welfare is not a lifestyle choice, or should hot be an option for one. It should be for temporary assistance and you should be limited on how long you can receive it.


@Nancy, you really need to stop commenting. Nobody calls child services on a parent who is taking good care of their child. Clearly they had your child's best interest in mind, especially when it's multiple people who felt the need to call. And don't bother responding to my comment, I can barely understand yours with no punctuation and improper grammar


When a person chooses to have way too many babies for themselves to care for then it becomes a public issue.. if her house were clean and the babies cared fr in a way that there would be no question then THERE WOULD BE NO QUESTION!!! Unfortunately that is not the case. Dont take it personally people if there might be one shared issue out of many and dont use Octomom as a way or reasonto make excuses for lack of whatever in yor own life. If you feel that youre doing something questionable by general public opinion or even just your own do not make hard and fix it.if you hzve to ask if its ok then you already know the answer.


They need to make her give up the kids father name so he can be contacted and take some fricken responcabilty for those kids . Or make that dumbass doctor who inseminater her take some responcability for his action in her mess .


First of all the doctor that helped her have all of those children should lose his license! Secondly, no single woman in her right mind would even think of having that many children!! I realize that multiple births are very common with insemination, but come on!!! She did ALL of this in the hopes of fame, AND has tried really hard to be made to look like Jolie (that in itself is nuts!!). I know those children love their mother, but they ALL deserve so much more out of life. She is a poor roll model for them and she is in no position to care for and support them. I hate to see any child separated from their mother or siblings, but in this case....get those children into homes that can offer them a life!!!! And throw her butt in a psych ward!!!!!! There is no 'fame' for her...reality check woman!!! Your children ARE NOT your paycheck!!!!!!!!!


The public didn't ask for these kids to be born so why should we feel guilt for not wanting to support them?



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